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Healthcare Heads to the Cloud

For years, healthcare remained an industry that did everything on paper. Faxes, files and clipboards ruled that day and created a manual way for doctors to check on patients and for hospitals to ensure that insurance forms got filled out.

Then, seemingly overnight, healthcare went digital.

In fact, the Affordable Care Act, along with federal regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) law, not only forced doctors and hospitals to think about technology, but provided the impetus for the industry to move to the cloud.

In a special report for our readers, Enterprise Cloud News looks at how healthcare has changed over the last decade, and provides some clues to how cloud, along with the Internet of Things (IoT), is changing this market for good.

Download our free report: "Healtcare Faces the Promise & Perils of the Cloud" to see how cloud is changing the way we think about our health.

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— Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud News. Follow him on Twitter @sferguson_LR.

kq4ym 9/15/2017 | 9:08:38 AM
Re: Data breaches in healthcare..? Equifax is the latest in the security gone bad news, and with so many affected, it will be interesting to watch how regulators handle this one, to put pressure of laws in place to prevent such wide scale problems like this from happening. When such a large scale one happens in the healthcare industry, heads should roll. But it's kind of like locking the gate after the horses already escaped from the barn.
kq4ym 8/22/2017 | 2:55:23 PM
Re: Data breaches in healthcare..? If there's a way, there's a will, and especially if big money is involved there's going to be folks out there trying to find a way to make a buck by going around the rules and gates. No doubt that will always be the way, it's a neverending journey to keep data safe from those who want to steal it.
Phil_Britt 8/2/2017 | 6:14:25 AM
Re: Data breaches in healthcare..? Yes,

And now that company offers limited promises, depending on the level of protection one buys -- and no complete guarantee like it used to.
mhhfive 8/2/2017 | 3:23:30 AM
Re: Data breaches in healthcare..? Wow. That kind of credit flaw reminds me of the CEO of that credit monitoring service who advertised his SSN publicly to try to promote how good the service was -- only to find out that criminals had used his iD to take out several large loans.
Phil_Britt 8/2/2017 | 2:52:45 AM
Re: Data breaches in healthcare..? You're right that better security is needed , but it's a never-endimg battle in healthcare and elsewhere. Just the other day a daughter of mine had a compromised payment card (she didn't realize it had been compromised) used in four different states at virtually the same time.
mhhfive 8/1/2017 | 2:44:51 PM
Data breaches in healthcare..? The most visiable IT nightmares in healthcare seem to be the ransomware attacks on various hospitals, but there's also a constant and mostly quiet stream of data breaches in the healthcare industry. 

When will Social Security numbers be made more secure (not just with credit monitoring, but as a whole system)? And how can personal health data be protected as well? 
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