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Photos: Qualcomm Takes Over San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO -- Qualcomm Uplinq 2014 -- Qualcomm moved its annual developers' conference away from its hometown of San Diego for the first time, welcoming a packed house of developers, media and analysts to the Bay Area to talk all things mobile.

The show was more low-key than year's past -- Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM)'s new CEO Steve Mollenkopf perhaps doesn't carry enough clout to shut down entire city blocks of San Fran as former CEO Paul Jacobs did in San Diego. But the discussions were also more focused, with considerable progress made on several fronts since last year. (See Qualcomm Promotes President to CEO Role.)

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For one thing, Qualcomm was ready to talk about significant network technologies such as LTE Broadcast, LTE Direct and multimode chipsets with carrier aggregation. And, as promised, the Toq watch it launched last year as a prototype to move the market forward has helped catalyze the industry with Qualcomm chips now powering a number of wearables. (See LTE Multicast Gets Liked By Facebook, Qualcomm Paves Way for Sub-$100 4G Phones and Watch Out! Qualcomm's Got a Wearable Device.)

The larger Internet of Things was clearly the biggest focus for Qualcomm, however, as it looks to get its chips not only in the next 8 billion smartphones, but a whole host of other connected devices as well. (See Qualcomm Eyes the Next 8B+ Connected Devices.)

Click on the image below to launch a short slide show and see what some of those new areas include.

Watch Your Back!
Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf kicked off Uplinq's keynote sessions, reminding the audience that Qualcomm is powering all of those cool new smart watches coming to market this year.
Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf kicked off Uplinq's keynote sessions, reminding the audience that Qualcomm is powering all of those cool new smart watches coming to market this year.

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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MarkC73 9/26/2014 | 4:13:25 AM
Re: Lip balm? Or maybe it keeps a history of who you've been kissing, err... talking to. ;)
Susan Fourtané 9/25/2014 | 4:49:29 AM
Re: Lip balm? Liz, 

This that may seem silly at first thought might actually be something completely possible and likely to happen in the future of the IoT. 

If I remember correctly, there was an app that reminded you when to apply sunscreen to keep the skin protected when the effects faded away.

In this case there was no nanocomponent, or microsensor involved; but, it's not impossible that this could happen in the IoT's near future as for what I have seen lately in the nanotechnology space. 

MordyK 9/23/2014 | 12:54:50 AM
LTE Direct LTE is a very interesting technology, but this is the first time I've seen it being explored by a real world client. Can you share more details on what the brewmaster and his team are doing with it?
Liz Greenberg 9/22/2014 | 8:29:37 PM
Re: Lip balm?
Actually maybe it talks to your phone so that it can remind you to re-apply based on either hydration or calendar events.  Additionally, it will tell you when to replace or add new flavors or colors to suit your mood. After all, even the IoT needs a soothing balm now and again.
Susan Fourtané 9/22/2014 | 3:07:04 PM
Re: Lip balm? Mitch, 

Me neither. People would be complaining about privacy when all the information is coming out of their mouth. But, don't you think a smart lip balm is a cool idea? :)

Mitch Wagner 9/22/2014 | 2:57:26 PM
Re: Lip balm? I don't think the world is ready for smart lip balm. 
Ariella 9/21/2014 | 10:49:30 AM
Re: A vegan solitary apple scone @Susan

It's pretty easy to make vegan scones. You just have to find a substitute for egg if that's in the recipe. If milk is called for, you can use soy, almond, rice, coconut, etc. in place of dairy. 
Ariella 9/21/2014 | 10:47:57 AM
Re: Lip balm? @Susan lip balm is a fairly standard thing. At our local park's concerts, one of the sponsors, a bank, gives out various things with its logo on it, including a lip balm. This year we o got a foldable freesbie. 
Susan Fourtané 9/20/2014 | 4:33:48 PM
Re: Lip balm? The gifts for the press look nice. I want to know more about that "and more" part. :) 

The lip balm is always useful, Mitch. Maybe it's a special one, with some kind of connectivity, an invisible sensor that sends information to your watch through a special Qualcomm balm app telling about your level of hydratation. That's why you also get the water bottle. 

Susan Fourtané 9/20/2014 | 4:06:59 PM
A vegan solitary apple scone Sarah,

Maybe that vegan solitary apple scone is a sign that more people are choosing healthier options when available. :) They all look delicious, though. Was there a selection of teas, too? 

Do you know what the little robot does? Not Rover the robot that picks up the kids' toys, but the little guy.

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