Comcast Adopts New, IP-Based Provisioning System

Hoping to leapfrog into the future, Comcast has adopted a new provisioning system designed to activate high-speed data, voice, video and other new subscriber services quickly with the same software. Comcast executives say the new, IP-based OSS system, known as "Bedrock," will enable them to turn on cable modems, embedded multimedia terminal adapters (e-MTAs), digital cable set-top boxes and other customer devices with the exact same tools. Plus, they say, Bedrock will allow their cable subscribers to install and activate new services faster and easier. Comcast has switched over its data and voice subscribers to the new platform. But it hasn't converted its video customers over to Bedrock yet. Company executives declined to say when that shift might take place. Based on technology developed by JacobsRimell, the Bedrock system replaces two different software platforms that Comcast had been using since it took over the AT&T Broadband cable systems several years ago. Although Comcast officials say the two platforms have worked fine, they wanted to go back to having one provisioning platform for all their cable systems.

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