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French ISP Deploys Huawei Core Routers, WAN SDN Tech

HANOVER -- France IMS Networks at the CeBIT 2016 publicly announced that IMS Networks would use Huawei NE40E high-end routers and WAN SDN solution to build a new-generation IP backbone network, providing the best WAN services for enterprise customers facing the challenges of digital transformation.

IMS Networks is a 15-years-old ISP serving the south of France. It provides high-end services to meet WAN requirements of enterprise customer, including VPN, network security, bandwidth wholesale, high speed broadband and IP services consulting and training. IMS Networks constantly strives to innovate and develop techno-economic solution to ensure that its network service capabilities are industry-leading. In the span of just several years, it has grown from a local business to become a national player. IMS Networks CTO Nicolas DOUVILLE has stated that IMS Networks "is delighted to join Huawei SDN open ecosystem and establish a long-term cooperation with Huawei".

In the digital and cloud era, more and more enterprise services are being digitalized and made available online, and enterprise ICT systems are being virtualized, centralized and migrated to clouds. At the same time, enterprises are being more dispersed geographically with the number of mobile and branch offices of enterprises are increasing rapidly with the number of increasing rapidly. These factors are causing great changes of enterprise traffic patterns. The proportion of network connections and data traversing through WANs is increasing rapidly and will be over 90% of the whole data traffic by 2020. High-speed, high-performance, reliable and secure WANs are the arteries and critical infrastructure of supporting enterprise digital transformation and cloud transformation and guaranteeing best user experience of digitalized services and cloud applications.

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