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Interview: BesTV's Ian Chin

China is the largest telecom market in Asia, and opportunity abounds in the IPTV arena, where consumer penetration is still relatively low. (See Top 10 Telecom Markets: Asia and Top Ten: IPTV Carriers.) Yet, some operators are finding ways to creatively bundle services and even coexist with cable TV, while plotting a path toward a more comprehensive "three screen" experience.

In this interview with Ian Chin, we get a better picture of how BesTV , the joint venture by Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and Tsing Hua Tong Fang Corp., is partnering with carriers to offer IPTV and broadband bundles in China. Chin also comments on the regulatory scene in China, and how IPTV as a service can flourish, even while it's not, in some cases, the only TV choice in a household.

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— The Staff, Light Reading

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