Lucent showcases services, software, and systems that deliver value to customers and evolve next generation networks

June 21, 2004

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CHICAGO –- When SUPERCOMM 2004 opens, Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) will showcase communications solutions designed to provide customers with next-generation network solutions and services to help them evolve their networks. Lucent's portfolio of solutions is designed to deliver value to a customer's network by reducing the cost of running the network and enabling the delivery of new revenue generating services end-users want.

In Booth 11211, Lucent will demonstrate its value to customers through four "Experience Areas," which feature solutions that enable the new services users want while lowering cost and increasing network efficiency, security and reliability. Lucent will feature:

  • The "Building Converged Transport Networks" area, showcasing its solutions that enable a service provider to efficiently grow their current data, voice and video services, as well as add any new services by converging their existing optical and data networks onto an Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) core

  • The "Building Service Convergence" area, featuring new service opportunities for service providers and an innovative approach to converging wireline and wireless networks to deliver a common user experience

  • The "Building Value over Internet Protocol (IP)" area, highlighting more than just voice, for enterprise customers that want multimedia, personalized services that increase their productivity

  • The "Building Service Excellence" area, featuring the software and services that enable customers to optimize their network and deliver quality of service, reliability and speed time to market of new services

    Lucent also announced the following items in separate news releases: agreements with Telscape and Rye Telephone Company, and along with partner Juniper Networks, agreements with US LEC and Xspedius Communications. Lucent also announced two new revenue-generating applications, the Lucent Media Delivery Solution for Service Providers and Instant Messaging Notification, and a new metro optical system, the Metropolis® Wavelength Services Manager(WSM).

Additionally, Lucent has introduced the Lucent Market Advantage Program, an initiative designed to help service providers generate demand from their wholesale, retail and enterprise customers for integrated services in key growth areas such as Voice over IP, mobile high-speed data, Ethernet over SONET/SDH, Network Security and In-Building wireless solutions, IP Centrex and professional and managed services.

Building Converged Transport Networks

Lucent will emphasize the network-based services, software and systems for the transport layer of a network, featuring multiservice switching and optical solutions.

  • CBX 3500™ Multiservice Edge Switch – Lucent unveiled its new multiservice edge switch designed to help service providers maximize the profitability of today's Frame Relay and ATM data services, pursue opportunities for next-generation Ethernet and IP/MPLS data services and converge these services onto an MPLS core network. The CBX 3500™ switch offers flexibility, savings, greater performance and proven reliability based on Lucent's leading multiservice switch portfolio.

  • IP/MPLS Router Module – Lucent is demonstrating a new IP/MPLS router module for the CBX 500® Multiservice Switch. The new module, developed for Lucent by Juniper Networks, enables services providers to quickly and easily add standards-based IP/MPLS to the CBX 500® switch. By inserting the new IP/MPLS router module in available CBX 500® switch slots, a service provider can quickly and easily introduce IP Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Juniper Networks' industry-leading IP/MPLS capabilities on a CBX 500® switch that today supports FR and ATM services.

  • LIVE SOLUTION – Lucent is demonstrating LIVE, the ground-breaking ATM over MPLS Trunking Solution, jointly developed by Lucent and Juniper Networks. This innovative solution enables service providers to retain ATM-grade Quality of Service (QoS) when converging ATM traffic onto an MPLS core, using the Lucent CBX 500® and Juniper T-640™ and M-320™ routers, all managed by Lucent Operations Support System (OSS).

  • Navis® EMS-JMTE Management System – Lucent is introducing Navis® EMS-JMTE, a new software management system designed to allow providers to rapidly configure and manage Juniper Networks routing platforms with a single, fully integrated management system. The Lucent software allows users of Juniper's M-, T-, and E-series platforms to streamline their operations and quickly deliver a full range of IP VPN services, including IP-Enabled Frame Relay and ATM and Enhanced DSL with "triple play" services (Internet data, voice, video) over a converged MPLS core network.

  • Metropolis® Wavelength Services Manager -- Lucent is introducing the Metropolis® Wavelength Services Manager (WSM), a new metro DWDM product that will help service providers deliver cost-effective optical bandwidth directly to their customers' premises, meeting their wavelength needs in the metro access, interoffice and regional application spaces. This product allows Lucent to extend its portfolio to the network edge, closer to the service providers' customers, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the capabilities of service providers' advanced optical networks.

  • SONET Multiplexers -- Lucent is announcing a number of new additions to its portfolio of next-generation and legacy SONET multiplexers. The new additions reinforce Lucent's optical networking strategy to allow customers to leverage their embedded base of current-generation products, evolving it with new functionality and enabling customers to offer new services without having to deploy overlay networks. The new additions include two new Ethernet service packs on the Metropolis® DMX Access Multiplexer, and standards-based Ethernet support on Lucent's legacy SONET multiplexer, the DDM-2000. The smooth addition of Ethernet services using the latest technology helps carriers add next-generation services to thousands of new locations in their network where an expensive data overlay network would otherwise be necessary.

Building Service Convergence

Lucent will feature next-generation solutions that enable a service provider to get ahead of end-user demand for new services over a single access vehicle.

  • IP Enabled "Triple Play" Access Solutions Demo – Lucent will showcase IP-based "Triple Play" Access solutions for voice, video and data services on the Stinger® Compact Remote DSLAM and AnyMedia® Access System to help service providers retain customers and increase revenues and addressable market.

  • Mobile Messaging Solutions Demo -- Lucent will be demonstrating a new mobile messaging solution that enables wireless service providers to deliver voice messages from a user's mailbox on the network directly into an MMS, BREW or J2ME enabled handset's mailbox. As a result, the messages stored in the handset can be played by the user when convenient without having to dial into the network. The Mobile Messaging Solution and a Multimedia Messaging Solution, part of AnyPath® end user applications, are two new Mobile Data offers that Lucent is introducing this summer.

  • Lucent Worldwide Services -- Lucent Worldwide Services (LWS) is announcing service applications to help service providers offer their subscribers exciting new features such as personalized celebrity greetings and web-enabled messaging. LWS is introducing two new additions to its revenue-generation applications portfolio including: The Lucent Media Delivery Solution for Service Providers, which allows end users to purchase and download entertaining greetings so they can personalize their voicemail systems; and Lucent Web Messaging with Instant Messaging Notification via Microsoft.Net Alert ®, which allows subscribers to access all their voice mail, fax and Email messages from a standard web browser and be notified instantly of new voicemail or fax messages waiting.

  • Bell Labs Innovations – Bell Labs innovations and developments continue to be critical to the success of both Lucent and our customers. Therefore, senior executives and researchers from Bell Labs will be sharing their views on the future of convergence, optical networking and network security during rotating presentations, with questions and answers, in Lucent's booth throughout each day of the show.

Building Value over IP

Lucent will feature bundled and blended services that deliver the experience enterprises demand.

  • WiFi/3G Networking Demo – Lucent will highlight how mobile WiFi "hot-spots," such as those aboard public transportation vehicles, can be connected to the Internet via high-speed, third-generation (3G) mobile networks. This demonstration will include Video Instant Messaging (VIM) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications and underscores the complementary nature of WiFi and 3G technologies, showing how 3G networks can enhance the usefulness and availability of WiFi.

  • Lucent's Accelerate™ VoIP Demo – Through a range of enterprise user experiences, Total Enterprise Telephony, Enterprise VoIP and Enterprise Voice Solutions will be demonstrated through a myriad of available endpoints and a variety of enhanced features, including conference calling, connectivity to the Lucent AnyPath™ voice mail system and SIP softphones.

  • Converged Services – Lucent's booth will feature a variety of 3G voice and high-speed data applications and "mixed media" services -- the real-time interaction of voice, data and video via IP technology -- working across various network types including mobile, WiFi and wireline. These demonstrations are enabled by a new standard service architecture, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), which Lucent has embraced as the wireless/wireline convergence service architecture supporting the Accelerate™ VoIP Solutions portfolio.

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