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SlideshowFame, Glory & Ping Pong Await You at BTE

Sarah Thomas 6/2/2015 | 12:45:54 PM
Re: Letting the bidding begin! BTE is relocating to the Isle of Wight?! Yeah wight, maybe when I'm 64! 
PaulERainford 6/2/2015 | 11:26:53 AM
Re: Letting the bidding begin! Ah but when BTE relocates to the Isle of Wight I shall be there with my inverted pimples. I might bring my bat too.
Sarah Thomas 6/2/2015 | 10:46:46 AM
Letting the bidding begin! There is just over a week to bid to play ping pong! Who do you want to compete against at BTE? Lucky for you all, Paul "Hen House Hot Shot" Rainford can't make it into BTE, or there wouldn't be a competition.
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