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Telcos Need a Cultural Conversion

Telco transformation programs are about a lot more than networks and ICT – there's a lot of focus on process changes and adopting a new culture, say executives at the Global Services Forum in Zurich.

kq4ym 9/28/2015 | 12:15:25 PM
Re: Evolutionary thinking And it should be very interesting to see how the opoerators make that "cultural" transformation to adapt to what the industry giants are planning. Will they be able to make the change or will technology even the playing field?
mendyk 9/16/2015 | 9:00:21 AM
Re: Evolutionary thinking And you can't build an agile cloud company without the boring network in place to carry all the traffic. There's always a degree of arrogance that comes along with "new thinking" -- witness all the digital disruption that is leading to a different -- but not necessarily better -- economic model in the media business.
brooks7 9/15/2015 | 7:16:36 PM
Re: Evolutionary thinking The problem is we are comparing apples and oranges.  There is a whole lot of the network operator that has to operate in the slow methodical pace to build a high quality network.  You can't build an agile cloud company in that nor should you try.  They need wholly owned subs to deal with business the way those companies work.  The new providers don't have things like Union problems, Regulators, and similar slow path problems.  The problem is not a cultural conversion.  The problem is that we need two cultures and they don't have the same goals and metrics.


MordyK 9/15/2015 | 6:31:37 PM
Re: Evolutionary thinking In my experience the problems run extremely deep throught the carrier vendor ecosystem. There's such a way of doing things that not only are you dimissed when mentioning a new approach, but they simply don't een get it. I've seen it so many times that it kinda scares me.

This problem needs to be resolved beyond just teh carriers, but needs to address their reliance on a specific vendor community that acts in the same fashion.
mendyk 9/15/2015 | 11:56:11 AM
Re: Evolutionary thinking Yes, and fat-shaming often involves a mirror. Incumbent network operators seem to know what the issues are -- they aren't in denial. But knowing the problem and solving it are two different things, as you say. The idea that you can simply retrain the work force you already have to adapt to a new delivery model is proving to be over-optimistic. And retooling COs and other facilities is easier said than done, of course.
[email protected] 9/15/2015 | 11:12:37 AM
Re: Evolutionary thinking This is the network operators saying that they need to change their corporate and operational culture -- vendors are saying it too, sure, but this is coming from the operators.

But it is a steady transition that involves a combination of re-training and the introduction/adoption/hiring of new skills over years.

That's why the frustration from vendors that telcos do not change/adapt/evolve fast enough begs the question - how fast is fast enough? How fast is possible?

So the vendors are talking about how telcos need to change but the telcos are wagging fingers at themselves... and finding that challenging.  But it is staryting to happen, albeit not at the IT world pace that many would like to see.
mendyk 9/15/2015 | 10:58:50 AM
Evolutionary thinking The idea that such a massive transformation can occur through some sort of conversion -- kind of like a born-again moment? -- is unrealistic, regardless of the need for change. Of course, new competitors have the advantage here. They don't have legacy issues to deal with. In a way, some of this finger-wagging comes off a bit like fat-shaming in that the message seems to be, "You CAN change -- all you need is the willpower to do so."
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