Optimum/Altice USA sparks new fiber construction in Texas

BROWNFIELD, Texas – Optimum, the provider of internet, TV, mobile and home phone service in more than 250 communities across Texas, today announces that it is extending its services to Brownfield, Hereford, and Seminole, Texas, with construction of its 100% Fiber Internet Network already underway in the three areas.

In total, the company expects to reach 15,900 homes and businesses across the three cities, including 4,000 passings in Brownfield, 5,400 passings in Seminole and 6,500 passings in Hereford, with initial services becoming available in early 2023 and the builds to be complete later that year.

Optimum's 100% Fiber Internet Network provides a superior connectivity experience, including gigabit symmetrical speeds, increased bandwidth for more devices, Smart WiFi for whole home coverage, and unlimited data with 99.9% network reliability. In addition to internet, residents will have access to Optimum TV, mobile, and home phone service.

Construction has been underway for several weeks and will expand across the cities in phases. Throughout the fiber build process, residents will see more trucks and technicians in their areas as fiber is being deployed.

Read the full announcement here.

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