Aruba Creates Security Sandbox

Wireless LAN switch startup Aruba Wireless Networks is the latest company to discover that wireless LAN users are a promiscuous bunch, and it's been working with Zone Labs Inc. to ensure that 802.11 networks don't catch some nasty virus from users that surf around.

Aruba has come up with a system that quarantines Windows laptop users while the Zone software checks that the user has the latest virus protection and patches and what have you on the computer. The system uses Zone software on the laptop and backend and Aruba blocks the user from getting onto the network via its own stateful firewall software.

"We put them in the sandbox," says Jon Green.

Of course, Aruba isn't the only company to figure out that the problem of viruses and worms is a potentially big one for enterprise customers. Rivals such as Airespace Inc., Vernier Networks Inc., and others have –- or are working on –- their own versions of these wireless LAN quarantine pens (see War on Wireless Worms).

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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