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Off topic: Musician Autumn Nicholas on defying genre and telling stories

NASHVILLE – Fiber Connect 2022 – Nashville-based singer/songwriter Autumn Nicholas, who performed this week at the Fiber Connect 2022 event, said that bold storytelling is what sets her songs and lyrics apart.

Nicholas said she's actively trying to connect other artists, who work in different genres but have similar styles, to collaborate on more songs and stories with emotional depth. Conversations that may be challenging to have in person, when put into music, are suddenly more relatable, Nicholas said. "If you're singing about a hard topic, people are more likely to listen," she said. "But if we're talking about a hard topic, people are going to be like, 'Oh, well this is a horrible conversation to have.' However if I kind of sing a song, or yell a song at you, it can become something that's more of a universal conversation."

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