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Tundra Unveils RapidIO Switch

OTTAWA -- Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, announced the availability of the Tundra Tsi568ATM serial RapidIO switch today. This product launch marks a significant milestone in the ongoing development of the RapidIO ecosystem and expands Tundra's RapidIO System Interconnect product family. The Tsi568A, which incorporates patent-pending technology, enables high-performance and reliable System Interconnect is being designed into customers' next-generation platforms today.

As the leading interconnect standard for embedded systems, RapidIO addresses the high-performance embedded industry's need for reliability, increased bandwidth, and faster speeds in intra-system interconnect. To remain competitive, customers are increasingly choosing to outsource their System Interconnect requirements to Tundra, enabling them to focus on their core competencies for their embedded designs. Next-generation embedded designs demand high-performance System Interconnect and Tundra's standards-based, off-the-shelf System Interconnect provides faster, switch fabric devices - like the Tsi568A - to replace slower bus-based architectures.

The Tsi568A delivers the performance, power and configurability that embedded designers need to build reliable, high-speed communications systems like wireless base stations and emerging architectural standards, such as Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA). This switch interconnects serial RapidIO enabled processors and peripheral devices and supports an aggregate bandwidth of 80 gigabits per second. The innovative technology in the Tsi568A can also stream a packet directly through the switch - packet cut-through - to reduce system latency. In addition, designers can take advantage of the switch's multiple port width and speed configuration options to efficiently manage power requirements.

"Tundra's serial RapidIO System Interconnect roadmap targets the growing wireless, networking, storage, military and industrial automation markets," says Tundra's chief technology officer and vice president of product management, Rick O'Connor. "For example, customers are designing the Tsi568A into new wireless equipment, including base stations and media gateways for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) applications."

Tundra Semiconductor Corp.

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