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SlideshowComcast Solar Deal Sheds Light on IoT Aims

Source: Sunrun
Source: Sunrun

kq4ym 9/10/2017 | 8:38:32 AM
Re: Service... Considering current emergency situations like the Hurricane Irma it might be interesting to see if solar power could be relied upon to continue providing electricity to homes and businesses when the traditional power grid goes down. Maybe independant neighborhood or personal solar arrays could keep Comcasts routers and wifi going in homes and businesses despite are wide outages in electric?
KBode 8/29/2017 | 10:54:23 AM
Service... I know they're not doing most of the heavy lifting here, but it would be smart for Comcast to shore up its still abysmal customer service before over-extending any further. They only just launched an unproven wireless service...
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