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Roll call: Who's still going to Barcelona?

The GSMA canceled its big MWC trade show this year in Barcelona due to fears over the spreading coronavirus. But the city itself remains open, as do the airlines, hotels, subways and restaurants that MWC attendees rely on.

Which all raises the question: Are you still going to Barcelona anyway?

In the below chart, I will attempt to keep track of all the companies and prominent individuals who still plan to go to Barcelona. I will keep this article updated for the next two weeks.

The goal is to let you know whether anyone else is still planning to be in Barcelona for meetings. After all, most of us already paid for MWC hotel and airfare, and Barcelona is wonderful this time of year.

If you are still planning to go to Barcelona, please let me know. You can email me or tweet at me or let me know on LinkedIn. I will add your name to the below list.

And if you're on the fence about it, bookmark this page and come back to it in a few days. By then, I'll either have a long list of people still attending or no list whatsoever. Then you can make your decision.

Also, for those who might be interested, I'm going to link to a few attempts at creating events in Barcelona in place of MWC here, here, here and here. I don't know anything about these events, but check them out if you're interested.

Table 1: Companies or prominent individuals still going to Barcelona

Company or individual Status Details
Airbox Canada Confirmed John Macneil, VP of Airbox Canada, will attend Feb. 22-26
Android Police Confirmed David Ruddock will attend for Android Police Feb. 20-28
Bensen Group Confirmed Alex Bensen of the Bensen Group will attend.
BCN Video Tech Confirmed BCN Video Tech plans to have its quarterly meeting in Barcelona.
Centile Confirmed Centile is attending.
fonYou Confirmed fonYou is based in Barcelona and will be there.
Globtel Confirmed Sales VP Pavle Mikuz of Globtel will attend Feb. 23-26.
IHS Markit Confirmed Stephane Teral and Maria Rua Aguete with IHS Markit will attend.
Industrial Internet Consortium Confirmed Stephen Mellor, CTO of the Industrial Internet Consortium, will be in Barcelona Feb. 26.
Marfeel Confirmed "Marfeel has an event every year connected to MWC and they are still planning to move forward with it in Barcelona," the company said.
Mutable Confirmed Several executives including CEO Antonio 'pelle' Pellegrino will be attending.
Omnisperience Confirmed Kevin Bailey, managing director forOmnisperience, will attend.
Ookla Confirmed Several executives from Ookla plan to attend, including CEO Doug Suttles.
PhoneScoop Confirmed Rich Brome from PhoneScoop will attend Feb. 21-23
RCR Confirmed Sean Kinney will attend for RCR Feb. 20-29.
RS Access Confirmed V. Noah Campbell, founder and CEO of RS Access, will attend.
Summa Networks Confirmed Summa Networks will attend.
Transit Wireless Confirmed Jeremy Ward will attend with Transit Wireless
Volta Networks Confirmed Volta Networks is attending, and has an office in Barcelona.
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Sterling Perrin 2/14/2020 | 3:53:26 PM
Re: Should be very easy to get a restaurant table now At the risk of sounding crass, I don't know that this list it going to turn back the tide on MWC.

sarcher60555 2/14/2020 | 3:56:39 AM
Should be very easy to get a restaurant table now Maybe all the survivors in one group photo?
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