Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns

Nortel Networks Corp. (NYSE/Toronto: NT) says its chief marketing and strategy officer, Anil Khatod, is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

The announcement comes at a time when Nortel is experiencing large financial losses, layoffs, and a somewhat ill-defined management future. The company is currently searching for a successor to CEO John Roth, who has set his retirement date for April 2002 (see Nortel's Empty Room at the Top). Clarence Chandran, the former Nortel COO who was considered Roth's successor, resigned for health reasons (see Nortel's Chandran Resigns). Also this year, Don Smith, Nortel's former president of Optical Internet Solutions, left to join Mitel Networks (see Don Smith's Mitel Shocker).

Khatod's resignation was announced in an email sent to all Nortel employees Thursday. "Nortel Networks is grateful for Anil's leadership and contributions over the last several years," says David Chamberlin, a Nortel spokesman.

"Anil played a key role in building our optical leadership as well as in setting our marketing strategy. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors. An announcement will be made shortly regarding the leadership of the CM&SO [Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer] organization."

Khatod, who reported directly to Roth hasn't yet made his next move known. Light Reading was unable to reach him for comment.

Since joining Nortel in 1982, Khatod has been president of Nortel's Optical Internet division and its Wireless Internet business. He's also been vice president of Global Internet Solutions.

Khatod was only promoted to his current position in April. His new role put him in charge of Nortel's mergers and acquisitions activities, global marketing, technology strategy, advertising, and corporate communications.

After his promotion Khatod told The Toronto Star that Nortel was better off than its competitors in tight times because of its extensive relationships with service providers. "All the major competitors are struggling far worse than Nortel is," he told the paper.

Khatod's departure comes just days before Nortel announces its second-quarter financial results on July 19. Nortel is expected to announce a quarterly net loss of $19.2 billion on revenues of $4.5 billion (see Nortel's Nuclear Winter), which includes roughly $12 billion in special charges.

- Phil Harvey, Senior Editor, Light Reading
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ARAVI 12/4/2012 | 8:05:57 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns That is one dead wood down. I am sure there are a few more to go (KS, VY, GD).

Metadata, are you happy yet?
joe_average 12/4/2012 | 8:05:56 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns VY = Vickie Yohe (Agree!!!!)

KS, GD = ??
dljvjbsl 12/4/2012 | 8:05:54 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns Well what about JR?

Has he done anything right?

has he ever made a profitable decision for the company. THis is a ral question. I don't know the answer. Has JR ever made a genuine profit in te time he has been with NT?
ARAVI 12/4/2012 | 8:05:54 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns KS - Kannankote Srikanth (Global Professional Services)
GD - Gary Donahee
jpm5150 12/4/2012 | 8:05:53 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns What does it matter, he has already announced his retirement!
T-bone 12/4/2012 | 8:05:51 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns Three down: you forgot to include Connors and Chandran...
beta1q2w 12/4/2012 | 8:05:48 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns Is Nortel self destructing with so many executive positions being vacated in the last 7 months.

Is Roth simply getting rid of another or is Khatod leaving on his own?

dljvjbsl 12/4/2012 | 8:05:47 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns
I'm just a Nortel shareholder who has contact with Nortel R&D employees both active and recently dismissed. What I sense from them is that despite the unmitigated disaster that is taking place at Nortel there is still a significant degree of resepct for John Roth even if that respect doesn't extend to the management team he created. So AK resigns and JR is given kudos on this necessary step in a previous message.

I find this to be odd and puzzling. Nortel based its future on a vision of ever expanding need for bandwidth. In other words Nortel based its strategy on constant exponential growth in the demand for bandwidth - a bold strategy indeed.

Nortel didn't get to enjoy the fruits of this vision for very long. Indeed there is a real danger that Nortel has now entered a death spiral in which the cuts needed for immediate survival can threaten the long term health of the company.

Yet through it all, Roth seems to still command respect even though he is the main architect of the strategy that failed Nortel. I find this odd indeed.
Metadata123 12/4/2012 | 8:05:47 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns In one of the few right decisions that Roth has made, he has pushed Anil Khatod out the door. One wishes he did this a year ago G㢠he would have saved NT shareholders and employees a lot of grief. However, one wonders if the wasteful bureaucracy that Khatod built up with loads of Presidents and Vice Presidents will be dismantled brick by brick. But KhatodGăÍs firing (although couched in more palatable terminology) is probably the best move yet for Nortel. Unless incompetents are shown out the door, there is little accountability and even fewer results in the company. I encourage Roth to do the same to all of AKGăÍs fawning lieutenants as well as the rest of the Khatod organization that could be labeled - Gă wasteful overheadGăÍ.

There are a few more who have been identified in these and other message boards who need to follow this clown on their way out G㢠Yohe, Schilling, Ross, Srikant, Donahee, are but a few. Now it becomes even more important to go a further level down and maybe one more, before the culture of patronage on which the Nortel Executive ecosystem thrives can be shaken up. I would reckon that less than 10% of the existing VP regime should be allowed to retain their jobs.

Kudos John! Now get rid of the rest and donGăÍt disappoint us!
dodo 12/4/2012 | 8:05:46 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns "Yet through it all, Roth seems to still command respect even though he is the main architect of the strategy that failed Nortel. "

The main culprit is Chandran though JR should have kept an eye on him. Chandran was promoted to COO last year ( and everyone knew that he was going to be the next CEO) to oversee the daily operations of the Corporation while JR spends time "schmoozing" Wall Street and the investment bankers ( a must after he took over from Mr Charismatic Monty and after the blunder of the CFO in Oct 1998 and the departure of D House).

Instead , Chandran was building his own empire ( promoting sales execs in some key BUs who knew nothing about technology let alone defending their own portfolio when their support were needed during contract negotiations or Nortel was shortlisted after an RFP)

So the empire is crumbling bit by bit and there is no surprise there ( good riddance as some lowly[sic] ex-Nortelengineers like myself are saying). There is no insiders who could fit the shoes of a CEO- they are either some Bellheads who are just business administartors focussing only on CYA or some techies like JR who may lack either the required leadership or the respect of the employees.

So there is nothing odd except that it is clean-up time for JR before he goes into retirement
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