Nightmare du Jour: Mayogarita

11:00 AM -- Multiculturalism is not always a good thing. Reuters reports from Tokyo on an East-meets-West disaster:

    When Koji Nakamura mixes up a margarita cocktail, he adds a special ingredient -- mayonnaise.

    "Mayogarita", a white drink with a hint of the creamy dressing, is one of several cocktails Nakamura serves in his "Mayonnaise Kitchen" restaurant in suburban Tokyo, which features mayonnaise on everything from toast and spaghetti to fondue.

    Despite its Western heritage, mayonnaise has become the condiment of choice for many young Japanese, who add it to everything from sushi, noodles and tempura.

    While older Japanese might gag at the thought of mayonnaise on rice or savory pancakes, the young are slathering it on. They even have a name for mayo fanatics: "mayolers"...
I wonder how they pronounce that.

    Nakamura's tiny restaurant, with fewer than a dozen tables and decorated with cut-outs shaped like mayonnaise bottles, also offers "Mayoty Dog", which tastes like the vodka-based cocktail Salty Dog but is served in a glass with mayonnaise on its rim instead of salt...
There's a photo. You don't want to see it. Trust me. Think: Mark McGwire's urine sample...

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 3:04:05 PM
re: Nightmare du Jour: Mayogarita Couldn't help myself. I'm not the better for it.
Michael Poole 12/5/2012 | 3:03:47 PM
re: Nightmare du Jour: Mayogarita I thought I'd seen just about everything this fair land has to offer, but I never thought I'd see a picture of a mayonnaise bottle with a customer's name on it (picture 4, the nearest bottle with "Kamida-sama" written on it - or however it may be pronounced, there are dozens of options). It's usually whisky they do that for.

Mind you, I did just try Kewpie Mayonnaise on sweet corn (or is that Q.P. - never seen the name in Roman letters before, but they do use a kewpie doll as their trademark). It was actually a toss-up whether it was better with or without it, but do feel free to be grossed-out.


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