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Validating ADVA's Virtual Switch

VLAN functionality
In our final series of the tests, we evaluated the VLAN tag manipulation capabilities of the Ensemble Connector. The Ensemble Connector platform is designed with Carrier Ethernet features in mind and can serve as a CPE in a Carrier Ethernet scenario, providing UNI (User Network Interface) and/or ENNI (External Network to Network Interface) interfaces.

As such, the device must conform to the MEF standards and provide VLAN Tagging features not always available on generic switches. Since these features are not fully provided by the Open vSwitch implementation, we limited the test case to Ensemble Connector only.

We validated the two tagging modes defined for MEF interfaces -- 802.1q (single-tagged frames on UNI interfaces) and 802.1ad (double-tagged frames on ENNI). In addition we tested the Q-in-Q mode for the double-tagged frames, which does not adhere to the MEF standards but which are often encountered in many environments.

We verified that the Ensemble Connector is able to add, remove and exchange VLAN tags as specified. In case of double-tagged frames, Ensemble Connector was also able to manipulate the inner tag ("C-Tag") as needed.

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