Top 5 Pranks to Pull on Your Telecom Office Co-Workers

Ooh my soul, it's still only 9:30 in the morning... What the hell can I do to kill time for the rest of Friday?

Yeah, we've all been there, you've already drunk gallons of crapola Keurig cup coffee and ruined your pants by spilling the jelly from the stale quarter of a donut left in the break room. The Australian pig that got drunk and fought a cow gave you a few laughs, and the random Northampton clown provoked a shiver or two.

But the day has barely started and you're already bored. Only the fevered irritation of trying to download iOS 7.0 onto your old-ass iPhone stands as respite from hours of desultory Web browsing at your desk.

Well, we've got one word for you: Pranks.

That's right. Only petty and childish acts of minor cruelty against your co-workers can eat up the soul-crushing tedium between now and your first Jersey turnpike shot at The Blarney Stone.

Whassat you say? You can't think of any pranks? Oh, trouble not, we've got you covered with five of the best telecom-related pranks below. Just don't blame us if you end up crazy-glued to a toilet seat.

Click on the image to join the fun:

The inappropriate away message
Wait until he leaves his cube, then change his IM auto response to 'Taking a dump, back in five.'
Wait until he leaves his cube, then change his IM auto response to
"Taking a dump, back in five."

— The Staff, Light Reading

brookseven 9/23/2013 | 8:18:19 PM
Once a LONG LONG Time ago...  

I went in on the weekend and forwarded everyone's desk phone (pre-cell phone era), to the receptionist.  :)


Liz Greenberg 9/23/2013 | 7:13:34 PM
Re: Best use of smartphones yet Let's see:  I have reprogrammed somebody's login prompt to say: logged out.  This way no matter what they do they believe that they cannot login even though they are.  Another, lower the height of their chairs...they will be in flight for a second!
MarkC73 9/22/2013 | 2:07:00 AM
Re: Best use of smartphones yet The old picture of the desktop, fullscreened so they wonder why they can't click on anything?  And I forget the program, but there was one where you could remotely control the DVD drive eject function.

I've also seen a co-worker 'borrow' the wheels off someone's chair...  And lastly I've seen someone actually pull out the metal connectors of someone's CAT5 and put it back into the computer.

I'm too boring for pranks but as the innocent bystander I do get to see a lot of them go down...
DanJones 9/20/2013 | 4:03:21 PM
Re: Best use of smartphones yet Mousetrap inside half-shut laptop.
Carol Wilson 9/20/2013 | 3:43:40 PM
Re: Best use of smartphones yet I was actually thinking of the old "bug in the ice cube" novelty item. 
DanJones 9/20/2013 | 3:22:17 PM
Re: Best use of smartphones yet Bucket of water suspended on the conference room door frame?
Carol Wilson 9/20/2013 | 2:57:21 PM
Best use of smartphones yet So how did anyone prank folks before we could rig their smartphones to sabotage their lives?
DanJones 9/20/2013 | 12:44:36 PM
Re: Fryday funnies No 6: Send them a fax!
mendyk 9/20/2013 | 10:34:38 AM
Fryday funnies These are good, but remember, kids: It's funny until someone loses an i.
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