Light Reading's 22 Most Popular Huawei Stories in 2018

We're going to have seatbelts installed in the office chairs for reporters who cover Huawei.

I worry that the hairpin turns and sharp reversals in the company's fortunes are finally going to loosen our scribes' grip on their desks, where they've been white-knuckling it since 2018 began.

From massive revenues, profits and 5G equipment shipments to a nearly worldwide conspiracy to put the company in its place, the stories about Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd in Light Reading during this calendar year have been all over the place -- seemingly growing more dramatic and ominous by the day.

Have a look at this list of Light Reading's most popular Huawei stories, and you'll see what I mean. Effusive praise, dire warnings, big contracts and massive upheaval -- it's all par for the course when the main subject is Huawei.

  1. Could Japan Also Bar Huawei, ZTE?
  2. Will China React to Latest US Huawei, ZTE Slapdown?
  3. Huawei Poses Security Threat, Says UK Watchdog
  4. Huawei, ZTE Face US Federal Ban
  5. Rubio Responds to Huawei 'Attack'
  6. Huawei Embroiled in Santa Clara Whistleblower Court Case
  7. Huawei Cut Out of BT's Mobile Core, Optical & Edge Plans
  8. How the West Can Hurt Huawei
  9. Huawei Frozen Out of Orange's 5G Paris Party
  10. 5G Won't Solve Everything, Warns Huawei Boss
  11. Huawei Hits $92B in 2017 Sales
  12. Ericsson Beefs Up With Telefónica Argentina as Huawei Goes Hungry
  13. Nokia Sitting Pretty After Week of Turmoil for Huawei, Ericsson
  14. BT Is Stripping Huawei From its Mobile Core Network – FT Report
  15. Huawei Boss Slams 'Ignorant' Rubio on Research Restrictions
  16. Huawei Dwarfs Ericsson, Nokia on R&D Spend in 2017
  17. Huawei's $800M 5G Budget Piles Pressure on Ericsson, Nokia
  18. Nokia, Samsung Miss Out as Three UK Gives 5G Job to Huawei
  19. Orange Rules Out Huawei for 5G in France
  20. US Ban on Huawei Would Trigger Turmoil in Telecom Industry
  21. Huawei Can Help Cut 90% of Networks Operations Jobs, Says Senior Exec
  22. BT's McRae: Huawei Is 'the Only True 5G Supplier Right Now'

— Phil Harvey, US News Editor, Light Reading

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