5G4Real: Singapore's Intense 5G Race

Dive deep into the infinity pool of telecom Singapore with Heavy Reading's James Crawshaw and Light Reading's Tien Fu. Featuring interviews with Caroline Chan of Intel and Rodrigo Beyer Fernandez of Ericsson.

meltondaniel 9/17/2019 | 11:58:56 AM
Singapore will spend $ 30 million on innovative 5G solutions The creators of 5G technology promise that the speed in new networks will significantly exceed the performance of existing networks, which will allow downloading resource-demanding content such as video to user devices much faster. At the same time, the low latency provided by this technology will accelerate the interaction of gadgets with each other, which means that information will be transmitted almost instantly. 5G networks also have higher bandwidth - which means that more devices can use network resources without slowing down the speed of downloading or sending information in the conditions of mobile Internet. It is interesting that the sponsor of this development is the company ipayzz , which until recently financed the 4 G network in China.
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