Merry Fitzmas!

2:50 PM -- After weeks of breathless expectation, ceaseless blogging, and overly optimistic poetical parodies, Fitzmas Day is finally upon us.

Unwrap your presents, America. What did St. Fitz bring you?

Vice presidential adviser I. Lewis "Scooter' Libby Jr. resigned Friday after being charged with obstruction of justice, perjury and making a false statement in the CIA leak investigation, a politically charged case that could throw a spotlight on President Bush's push to war.

— Red Panda, Schadenfreudeer, Light Reading

blackdiamond 12/5/2012 | 3:51:52 AM
re: Merry Fitzmas! Sorry Panda but that long awaited Fitzmas present that was promised you, Rove in cuffs, just isn't going to happen. And what's more, the Judge hearing the Libby case has no interest in allowing his courtroom to be used as a means of airing wild assed conspiracy theories about the run up to the war. But since Santa doesn't want you to go away empty handed, Click here: http://tinypic.com/14aa4yh.jpg to see your consolation gift
qaman1 12/5/2012 | 3:51:51 AM
re: Merry Fitzmas! Hey Blackdiamond...
I agree so strongly with you... Rove was completely cleared of ANY wrong...true? Wasnt that the statement made by the Special Prosecutors Office... something like "We find there are no connections what so ever with this incident to Mr. Rove and he is as pure as the driven snow"...wasnt that the statement...hummmm

And oh ya, what "wild assed conspiracy theories about the run up to the war" are you referring? WMD???? The no-bid, unlimited budget [protected] contract for Haliburton that any overbilling that has been found and aired in the press has been summarily silenced (any similarities...). What about the new contract to the same firm after Katrina where money has been given but no work has been done...but there is no pressure (oops, its hurricane season again and we just have to wait til next year and get some more of that no-bid contract money again for some "studies"). Its there any connection there Sir or might you consider Mr. Rove to be in line for a "reasonable" position with the previously mentioned company in a couple of years????

Why do I make the two connect? Is Libby connected to anyone who has (did have) Haliburton connections? Is it typical for those that "take heat" to be rewarded in someway for that "heat"???? Isnt the Administrations polls looking similar to Nixons right before he resigned and thats with Rove trying to bolster them recently? Do the peoples voice of a sell out mean anything to you (see my recent posting

Hammer away...
qaman1 12/5/2012 | 3:51:50 AM
re: Merry Fitzmas! Soooooooooooo yesterday??? Gee, why? Is ripping off the US Govt so openly so "in today" that you dont remember some small company CEO by the name of David Packard who was under Secty of Defense (leaving his job at HP to "go back to government work"). His company was NEVER sought for overpricing, gouging and non-delivery and know for its quality and integrity.... and that yesterday company????

Demos? No, just a person who remembers when CEOs had integrity...not just hot air...or is your mind clouded by the DRINK???? If I mention Haliburtion, think the old HP under Hewlett and Packard...OK... It was a cornerstone until one of the recent CEOs raped it and got thrown out... why dont you talk about her and her integrity...thats not Haliburton, true? How about Ken Lay...hes a great guy...Skilling...or are they soooooooooooooooooo yesterday?

You want to talk Clinton..ok...where was the economy (paying off the National Debt) then to now (buried in debt)... ok, you have points in 9/11 but then talk about the over pricing, no-bid contracts, protectionism by the Administration of that soooooooooooooo yesterday company, ok? And when you do, make it in context to how HP was seen and did business with the US Govt before and after David Packard did his government work...fair enough?

Apples and apples... not domestic and international...
blackdiamond 12/5/2012 | 3:51:50 AM
re: Merry Fitzmas! Debt has risen due in large part to socialistic big government (compassionate conservatism) programs, national defense and pork. Since tax revenues are creeping up the deficit is not growing as quickly but since the economy is slowing it remains to be seen how that one will play out.

But, if we were to cut military spending as we did in the 90's that might help the bottom line but national security obviously suffers. Also, we could have another stock market bubble where the government rakes in money hand over fist from cap. gains taxes but that's not in anyone's best interests when the music stops.
blackdiamond 12/5/2012 | 3:51:50 AM
re: Merry Fitzmas! Haliburton is sooooooooo yesterday.

It used to be a good drinking game when you could hear the democrats rant on and on about a company that employs over 120,000 people worldwide and their ex-CEO leaving to go back into government work. Every time you hear Haliburton, DRINK!!! I know, maybe we should have put out the contracts out to French companies so they could make up the lost revenue from them scamming the UN Food For Oil deal.

By the way, did you know that Libby and Bill Clinton are connected? Both took money to get criminal Marc Rich off the hook. Libby as his lawyer and Clinton in the form of a donation from Rich's ex-wife, Denise just as he was about to leave office which bought ex-hubby a pardon!!!

qaman1 12/5/2012 | 3:51:49 AM
re: Merry Fitzmas! Lets see... "Debt has risen due in large part to socialistic big government (compassionate conservatism) programs, national defense and pork."

Is this sorta like the education initative of "No Child Left Behind" that was funded but never/hardly ever disbursed, with standards that were unclear, making it difficult for States to deal with it putting the US Education System into a spiral downward as one point and showing with tax breaks that off-shoreing was the way to go which has discouraged the youth that has to carry this country afterwards that no one "on top" cares because their kids go to private schools and who cares about "those other people". BTW, you did see the piece by 60 Minutes that said the Texas No Child Left Behind Initative failed miserably...and who was that started by now????? What was that Govenors name??? blackdiamond, would you be kind enough to refresh my memory please?

Pork? Is that like the new naval ship that will be built in Mississippi named the Trent Lott?

National Defense. Can you tell me when the first Haliburton contract was tendered for the re-allocation of govt/DoD jobs (i.e., supply, cooks, food service, construction, etc.)? Under what US President was that done and who was the Secy of Defense that did that contract? What role did that Secty of Defense have after he left office and in what years was that (e.g., 90's per chance?)?

Are the tax revenues "creeping up" from the record profits of what industry was that and what relevance do they have to the current Administration or to that soooooooo yesterday company? BTW, have you ever heard of a company names Fluor? I dont have stock nor am I affiliated with them but they might have been able to deal with some of those pesky no-bid contracts that DoD tendered under 41 and 43, true?

We have mentioned cutting off military spending and the reaction has been Haliburton has threatened bankruptcy when it was asked why it overcharged. There was something about they have to do it to keep in their corporate profit range (BTW, they stated they will double their profits in the next 2 years). But thats a different story, correct?

Stock market bubble...humm, is that like the power point presentations of the seasoned leaders, those icons of business that off-shore to make their numbers, did to fool the investors to feather their own nests??? Nah, couldnt be, right? Or is it like the SEC (BTW, do they have anything to do with the stock market?????) looking into executive pay and compensation due to the extrordinary compensation packages?.... but as you said, most will be ok...right?

Im kinda dumb...would you educate me please?

CoolLightGeek 12/5/2012 | 3:51:49 AM
re: Merry Fitzmas! Fitzmas? Bah humbug! Just another attempt by the multitude of left wingnuts to attack the administration and continue the effort to associate the inane with the day reserved to celebrate Christ's birth.
I'll be holding my breath waiting for the left blogshere to start treating other faiths with similar irreverance.

How about talking facts and then moving to supposition?

Did you notice that FBI got Rove under oath to admit he was the source that divulged that Wilson's wife worked for the "agency" to both Cooper and Novak?

Did you notice that Rove did not get indicted???

How can you conclude anything other than Valerie Plame was not a CIA agent covered by any laws regarding the employee protection against disclosure by federal employees?

If she wasn't, why was all the money spent on this investigation????

If she was, why is Rove not indicted?

C'mon Panda, what are your answers? Fitzgerald just a shill of the Administration? Did Fitzgerald decide that Plame was a covered agent but decided that Rove didn't know she was a covered agent? Did Fitzgerald decide Plame or Wilson or someone else had already blown her cover?

I'll be waiting for an inane reply...

blackdiamond 12/5/2012 | 3:51:47 AM
re: Merry Fitzmas! GLG...Keep dreaming. The liberal editors at Lightreading will just move on to the next DNC spun talking point and accept it as fact. Karl Rove is a target because he is good at what he does and hey, if they can take him out, why not? It's just politics after all. But, the media's incessant carping on and on about that liar Joe Wilson and their blind acceptance of his statements is just more evidence of their bias. The NY Slimes gives Joe an open forum to lie about his trip to Niger and what do they care? The answer is that their true believers are willing to overlook facts, truth and reality. When the administration attempted to counter Wilson's lies including the ones about his wife getting him the job to go to Niger in the first place, well, that's just wrong!!!.

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