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Mercury Intros Serial RapidIO Switch

CHELMSFORD, Mass. -- Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) announced the MC432, its high-performance Serial RapidIO(R) switch. The MC432 provides advanced features that include high- reliability support, dynamic bandwidth management, and extended error-handling capabilities. Its unique performance profile is ideal for multiple switching applications in the embedded, communications, wireless and storage markets.

The MC432 switch is compliant with the Serial RapidIO specification 1.2, a widely adopted industry standard. As the latest enhancement to the RapidIO ecosystem, the MC432 targets applications for chip-to-chip, board-to-board, or chassis-to-chassis communication. The MC432 was designed with Mercury's extensive experience in building complex multiprocessing systems that allow customers to deliver reliable, interoperable solutions with reduced time to market.

The MC432 is the fourth-generation IC switch developed by Mercury, succeeding the RACE Series(R), RACE++(R) Series, and parallel RapidIO offerings. It is a 64 Gb/s switch with eight ports of 4X lanes, and has numerous differentiating features when compared to other available RapidIO solutions. Among its unique features are tunable arbitration, which allows users more granularity in setting priorities; priority-based routing which includes guaranteed bandwidth for maximum and minimum levels; and adaptive routing, which allows the fabric to dynamically determine the best path, improving performance in heavily loaded systems. The MC432 also includes multicast capability, and advanced error handling, including system interrupt generation for non-defined routes. These features are not generally found in other RapidIO switch products.

"The MC432 will complement the parallel RapidIO devices available today, and continue the momentum of Serial RapidIO offerings," said Tracy Richardson, Director of the Silicon Solutions Group, Advanced Solutions business unit at Mercury. "Mercury's ongoing commitment to the RapidIO standard is evidenced in the growing portfolio of product and technology offerings that includes Ensemble2(TM), ImpactRT(TM), PowerStream(R), and Mercury's successful deployment and industry acceptance of its Serial RapidIO IP (intellectual property) core."

Mercury Computer Systems Inc.

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