Litton and Lumenon Link Up

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Litton Poly-Scientific (a division of Litton Systems Inc., Woodland Hills, California) and Lumenon Innovative Lightwave Technology Inc. (St. Laurent, Quebec) today announced plans to jointly develop an advanced MEMS-based photonic switching solution. This initiative is expected to lead to the leveraging of Litton Poly-Scientific's proven expertise in high performance and high reliability MEMS devices for critical applications and Lumenon's adaptive PHASIC process for manufacturing high performance, planar Array Wave Guides (AWG) devices, and is also expected to offer the telecom industry an innovative configurable Optical Add-Drop multiplexer (COADM) solution.

Norris Lewis, Litton Poly-Scientific Vice President of Technology says, "We believe that the combination of Litton's MEMS expertise with Lumenon's sophisticated optical component solutions will result in a very competitive COADM solution."

golumm 12/4/2012 | 8:44:45 PM
re: Litton and Lumenon Link Up This puts undervalued lumm on the map! Teaming up with a multibillion dollar company means that lumms patented PHASIC process is FOR REAL.
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