LG's G2 Is Ready for LTE-Advanced

When the wireless operators have LTE-Advanced networks up and running, LG Electronics Inc.'s new G2 smartphone will be ready to jump on.

The new device, unveiled on Wednesday, includes Qualcomm Inc.'s Snapdragon 800 processor. The chipmaker says it's capable of "fully integrated connectivity with a wide variety of communication options, including 4G LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation." The G2's biggest handset rival, the Samsung Corp. Galaxy S4 LTE-A offered by SK Telecom on its LTE-Advanced network, also uses the Snapdragon chipset.

LTE-Advanced is defined by the 3GPP as Release 10 of the 4G specs for faster speeds and more a more efficient, reliable network. It's made up of a number of features, of which carrier aggregation is the most commonly deployed. (See Why You Should Care About LTE-Advanced (Eventually).)

Except LTE-Advanced is not commonly deployed at all yet, especially in the U.S. The U.S. operators T-Mobile US, Sprint Corp. and AT&T Inc. have all promised deployments this year. (See T-Mobile To Debut LTE-A 'Features' in 2013, Sprin Plans LTE-Advanced Launch in 2013 and Carriers Are a Mixed Bag on LTE-Advanced.)

The LG G2 will launch first in South Korea, then in Europe and the U.S. with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, which hasn't said when it will launch LTE-Advanced, in the coming months.

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, Light Reading>

milan03 8/7/2013 | 10:05:15 PM
re: LG's G2 Is Ready for LTE-Advanced It's just a standard Qualcomm MDM9x25 IP stack. Expect vast majority of smartphones to come with this baseband chipset.

I'd be more interested in reading something about Sequans Cassiopeia http://www.sequans.com/product...
which besides supporting CA, it does it with two 20Mhz component carriers vs Qualcomm's two 10Mhz cc, eICIC, enhanced eMBMS, VoLTE, etc... No one talks about that, and it's really hard to find any info on available UE's using that chipset.

It'd be nice if LR could do something about it!
t_newt 8/7/2013 | 10:03:04 PM
re: LG's G2 Is Ready for LTE-Advanced According to this:


the LG LS-980 phone has been approved by the FCC to operate in all three Sprint bands, which would make it the first Sprint tri-band phone on the market when it comes out (I assume by the end of the year). Others have speculated that this is the G2 phone.
Sarah Thomas 8/7/2013 | 7:43:13 PM
re: LG's G2 Is Ready for LTE-Advanced So, that is the only feature it supports because it's the only one operators have deployed today. More might come in future iterations.
Sarah Thomas 8/7/2013 | 6:10:32 PM
re: LG's G2 Is Ready for LTE-Advanced I thought it was a little odd that Qualcomm said the chip supports "4G LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation." I've asked for clarification as to if that means it only supports that one feature, or if the chip lives up to the definition of LTE-A, which technically takes into account speeds and other features as well.
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