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SlideshowIntel Pulls Funding From OpenStack Development Group

Ariella 4/20/2017 | 10:31:03 AM
Re: Project struggles? @Scott I was wondering the same thing Michelle asked. Companies do like to keep the public somewhat in the dark about their motivations, but, what you say about their having made a substantial investment elsewhere could account for their feeling they don't have the money to spare on something that does not appear to be paying off or that no longer fits their defined direction.
Scott_Ferguson 4/19/2017 | 8:36:27 AM
Re: Project struggles? @Michelle: Intel didn't say one way or the other. They acknowledged that they pulled the money, but not the reasons why. My feeling is that when you look at OpenStack and what Intel and VMware said about it this week, the platform is not gaining that much traction. At the same time, Intel just spent big on Fireye and is looking at more acquisitions, so this might be something where it was trying to free up funds where it could. 
Michelle 4/18/2017 | 11:09:12 PM
Project struggles? I'm really curious about the reasons Intel pulled funding. I wonder what happened behind the scenes that led to the decision.
Ariella 4/18/2017 | 9:52:45 PM
Cut As far as these things go, unfortunately, a 6% cut in workforce is not all that bad. Also they are open about the percentage. IBM is pretty cagey about its workforce cuts. I think they claim it's only 1%, but they seem to cut yearly according to http://www.businessinsider.com/ibm-cutting-redundant-jobs-is-permanent-business-model-says-email-2016-7. And year after year cuts can add up to a lot more people losig their jobs.
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