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SlideshowAmazon's Jassy Throws Punches at Oracle

Jassy delivers a fireside chat. What's missing? The fire.
Jassy delivers a fireside chat. What's missing? The fire.

Michelle 4/30/2017 | 10:52:31 PM
Re: Lock-in blah blah I've noticed the tendency to paint the competition in that light... I've also seen product information for competing services -- it almost always talks about transferring data from another service. I wonder if it's secretly very easy to switch services (but nobody talks about it).
kq4ym 4/28/2017 | 4:36:15 PM
Re: Lock-in blah blah Yes, the pitches will certainly continue as they have for years. After all, what if PR but announcing one's best features, and sometimes hitting the competition where they're different than you, and "presumably" not as good since they are different.
Joe Stanganelli 4/24/2017 | 7:42:26 PM
Lock-in blah blah Cloud vendors have been accusing each other of that dreaded bugaboo, lock-in, for years -- and I don't expect the trend to stop anytime soon.  Amazon criticizes VMware.  VMware criticizes Amazon.  Google criticizes Amazon.  EVERYBODY criticizes Oracle and Microsoft.  And Red Hat criticizes everybody.

Lock-in is a red herring.  It's all about what works for you, IMHO.
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