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kq4ym 10/26/2017 | 11:15:48 AM
Re: AWS With it's three year experience with moving to the cloud environment for it's many divisions it does seem to make a lot of sense for GE to move up with AWS to consolidate with Amazon and use their expertise as the world's largest cloud provider to handle the massive projects in the GE businesses around the world.
kq4ym 10/21/2017 | 3:22:47 PM
Re: AWS As noted "While GE is now using AWS throughout large portions of its infrastructure, the company remains in a somewhat hybrid cloud model." It will be interesting to watch GE's future move to see which side of the road it will end up at. It's recent earnings showed some disappointment to many investors but maybe it's expenditures in the cloud may help to shore up it's real business profits among the various projects it manageds around the globe.
Ariella 10/9/2017 | 12:32:36 PM
Re: AWS I think Predix is supposed to have that flexibility to meet the different needs and preferences of the businesses that use it.
Scott_Ferguson 10/6/2017 | 4:05:52 PM
Re: AWS @Michelle: My understanding is that GE for a long time had used its own data centers for IT. The migration to cloud started in 2014, and they announced AWS was the main supplier today. So this would be for IaaS only but Predix can run on different clouds. 
Michelle 10/6/2017 | 1:28:18 PM
AWS Was GE using internal cloud before the move to AWS? I assumed they were. I also assumed they were using Predix internally as much as possible. I guess that assumption was just plain wrong. 
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