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Evoca's ATSC 3.0-based pay-TV service boots up in Boise

BOISE, Idaho – Evoca, a revolutionary HD over-the-air television service, is kicking off an "early access" program today for residents of Boise, Idaho. The service harnesses the power of ATSC 3.0 – America's newest broadcast TV standard – to provide unmatched audio and video clarity and a variety of quality, must-watch TV programming for less than $50 per month.

As part of this early access program, a select number of Boise residents will be able to watch Evoca's growing lineup of high-quality, high-definition programming via proprietary receiver (called "Scout") to access live local sports, news, weather channels as well as some of the most popular video-on-demand programming.

The Evoca ecosystem is also prepared to deliver 4K Ultra HDTV programming as it becomes available. Boise residents can visit Evoca.tv to sign up for the "early access" program offer, which includes an exclusive introductory rate of $20 per month through the end of 2020, as well as the HD antenna and receiver. Evoca will roll out to all residents of Boise in late 2020 with additional markets to follow in 2021.

For the more than 50 million U.S. households in mid-sized markets like Boise -- where choices are limited, and cable TV service is expensive -- Evoca is a new, affordable option for HDTV viewing. Since Evoca channels are delivered from a mix of over-the-air and Internet sources, no matter how many video games, movies, or video conferences may be streaming, viewers will always receive the best picture and most reliable service. In the coming months, Evoca will share additional updates about additional programming partners and rollout plans beyond Boise.

Evoca Early Access subscribers will receive the following for a monthly subscription of $49 ($20 through 2020):

  • Evoca receiver, aka Scout, offering reliable and unmatched broadcast audio and video clarity and growing on-demand library from leading video content providers
  • 45+ channels, with more to come – full, updated list at www.evoca.tv
  • HD antenna


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