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Caption Contest: The Comcast Pointer

This photo comes from the press materials sent out with the announcement that Comcast has completed the acquisition of Blueface, a Dublin-based unified communications company.

The image shows (left to right) Bill Stemper, president of Comcast Business; Blueface CEO Alan Foy; and Bob Victor, SVP of Comcast Business.

I have to know: What is Mr. Stemper pointing at? Our Eurobites team took a guess already. Please let us know what you think in the message boards below. Wrong answers only, please.

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dawnreed 2/2/2020 | 12:31:18 AM
See that cloud? We own it now.
Tomas Soto 1/29/2020 | 10:21:37 AM
Caption Contest Bill saying to Alan - We're going to keep smiling until you're no longer Blue in the Face!
[email protected] 1/28/2020 | 3:05:25 AM
Apparel line "There he goes -- that's the guy who stole our ties..."
Kelsey Ziser 1/27/2020 | 3:29:22 PM
Re: Passing the torch "See that squirrel? The reason they don't usually get electrocuted by power lines is because of the way electricity travels. Occasionally, they act as a short circuit and then that squirrel has a bad day. Like when Timmy grabs the electronic fence in Jurassic Park. I love that movie, btw. Good talk, guys."
Sterling Perrin 1/27/2020 | 1:11:27 PM
"The Dubliner is right over there"  

brooks7 1/27/2020 | 12:39:41 PM
Re: a pirate flag  

Clearly pointing at Superman.



Kelsey Ziser 1/27/2020 | 12:12:51 PM
Passing the torch "Everything the light touches is yours."
tjritter79 1/27/2020 | 11:40:54 AM
Caption Look, up in the sky, it's a bird.......it exploded! Aren't you glad we're NOT AT&T!
Phil Harvey 1/27/2020 | 11:25:17 AM
a pirate flag I'm going to say they were raising a Comcast flag to fly over Blueface HQ, like a pirate ship that had overtaken another seafaring vessel. 

Also, a related point, seafaring is a 13-point Scrabble word. 
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