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Bye-Bye DVD: Consumers Embrace Digital Video

Veteran video analyst Colin Dixon, founder and principal analyst of nScreenMedia, says research shows 56% are using digital video already.

Jessie Morrow 4/10/2014 | 9:48:40 AM
Throwaway Content to Small Screens Colin Dixon is saying that for now most consumer owned videos can be expected to be viewed on small screens. Certainly not my preferred venue, only if perhaps I'm looking at something I really care very little about.
mhhf1ve 4/10/2014 | 3:56:54 PM
One advantage of DVDs... DVDs have the singular advantage that they are covered by the "first sale doctrine" and so they can be legally re-sold, unlike streaming digital videos.

The trend towards 4K video may be the real DVD killer, as those files are enormous!
Mitch Wagner 4/10/2014 | 4:24:54 PM
Re: One advantage of DVDs... People in general -- young people in particular -- seem to be happy with renting, rather than owning, media nowadays. The main character of the movie High Fidelity, with his collection of thousands of record albums, is truly an anachronism. 
mhhf1ve 4/10/2014 | 5:09:04 PM
Re: One advantage of DVDs... The "renting" mentality really does seem to be the mainstream trend -- because young people don't have physical storage space anymore (and don't really seem to want it, either).

Also.. pirating contributes to the trend b/c even if you don't own your movies, kids think that they'll be able to pirate it from somewhere whenever they want to. (And that's probably not such a bad thing)
Kruz 4/11/2014 | 2:47:53 AM
Re: One advantage of DVDs... Agreed. It is also the idea of having it "anywhere, anytime" that is more appealing than that of having it physically available.
Mitch Wagner 4/12/2014 | 2:16:23 PM
Re: One advantage of DVDs... mhhf1ve - Somebody recently said that media businesses need to stop thinking of pirates as thieves and start thinking of them as competitors. 

This is not to suggest pirating is right -- merely that businesses don't profit by thinking of themselves as victims. 
Mitch Wagner 4/18/2014 | 4:37:07 PM
Good news/bad news Related: Yes, Netflix And Hulu Are Starting To Kill Cable.

The bad news: Cord-cutting is up 44 percent in three years, and Netflix and Hulu users are more likely to cut the cord (or the other way around). 

The good news: Cord-cutters still make up just 6.5 percent of the population -- so the headline seems premature. Cable companies should be alarmed, but a death sentence is premature. 

And since cable companies are also top-tier Internet providers, they can certainly make up the revenue lost to cable through increased demand for Internet. 

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