Vitesse Doubles Processor Performance

The IQ2200 improves system integration and time-to-market for multi-gigabit Ethernet and OC48 applications

December 17, 2001

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CAMARILLO, Calif. -- IQ2200 extends the performance and connectivity of the successful IQ2000 network processor to serve access and edge equipment OEMs demanding higher levels of service application by delivering twice the processing performance of its predecessor. IQ2200 improves system integration and time-to-market for multi-Gigabit Ethernet and OC-48 applications by utilizing industry-standard interfaces for direct connectivity. Over 60customers have chosen IQ2000 for their current system products and canleverage IQ2200's forward compatibility of software and physicalcompatibility for rapid deployment of next-generation systems. Newcustomers benefit from the maturity of the IQ2200 architecture anddevelopment tools with new software libraries that acceleratetime-to-market. IQ2200 interfaces with PowerPC, MIPS and other hostprocessors for system flexibility and optimum design.The IQ2200 architecture balances the performance advantages of afixed-function design with the flexibility inherent in a programmabledesign. An optimal system solution can be achieved meeting requirements for performance, flexibility, low power and ease-of-use. IQ2200's configurable functions include packet input, classification and order management, payload buffering, processor load balancing, lookup operation, output queuing and discard management. By covering the typical packetprocessing tasks with fixed-function hardware, the high-performance RISCengines are left to focus their cycles on the algorithms that add value tothe system product.IQ2200 doubles the internal clock rate of IQ2000 to 400 MHz, providing asmany as 600 Instructions Per Packet (XIPPs™) on a Gigabit Ethernet streamof minimum size packets, while cutting the power in half to a typical 5W.At this level of performance, IQ2200 leads the industry in both XIPPs/$ andXIPPs/W and is well suited for a broad range of edge applications, such asMPLS switching, VPN processing, and complex Layer 7 content-aware switching. "By designing IQ2200 with the industry-standard CSIX interface, Vitesse hascreated a highly-integrated solution for next-generation intelligent edgesystems leveraging the strength of the company's intelligent switchfabrics" said Bob Wheeler, senior analyst for networking silicon at TheLinley Group. "Supporting industry-standard interfaces is key to the rapidadoption of merchant silicon solutions and to easier system integration."IQ2200 is supported by the Vitesse Developer's Workbench, a comprehensiveinfrastructure of software development tools, hardware referenceimplementations, documentation, training, system consulting, and support,which accelerate development success. The Software Development Kit v3.4includes the new IQ2200 simulator as well as a new release of the GNUPro Tools for the IQ family of NPUs. Also included in the kit are devicedrivers for the Vitesse GigaStream queuing engine giving the developer aneasier path to integration between the NPU and switch fabric. A betaversion of the Vitesse C compiler supporting IQ2200 rounds out the softwaredevelopment tools and will be available at the end of December.The Vitesse IQ Micro-Stack software offering for the IQ2200 providesdevelopers with standard interfaces that eliminate complexities in networkprocessor software development efforts while nimizing minimizingcontrol/data plane software interdependencies. A comprehensive macrolibrary is also available in conjunction with the IQ Micro-Stack offering,further simplifying software design. Extensive training is available for IQ2200 and is offered frequently. Thefour-day program covers processor architecture, programming and developmenttools, system hardware design, and performance tips across both softwareand hardware tracks. The curriculum draws upon the experiences ofsupporting many different network processor applications and developerskill sets. A key component of the training and documentation for existingcustomers addresses migration from IQ2000 to IQ2200. Developers can andhave designed hardware to be compatible with both processors, using IQ2000for immediate, advanced development followed by IQ2200 for finaldevelopment leading to production release.All models of the IQ2200 family will be sampling beginning in March 2002,with production in 3Q2002. IQ2200 retains the same 673-pin BGA packagingas IQ2000. IQ2200 pricing starts at $235 in volume. Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.

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