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WiC Panel: Combatting Sexual Harassment in Denver

Executive Producer Janet Leahy, President of Arrow Solutions Kathy Boelter, CEO of Women of Wall Street Karen Ashworth Macfarlane and the Founder and CEO of Corporate Cowgirl Up Wendy Bohling join Women in Comms Director Sarah Thomas in Denver to discuss ways to combat sexual harassment in the workplace, help women advance and level the playing field.

DHagar 5/4/2018 | 5:15:49 PM
Re: Combatting Sexual Harassment @Sarah, your leadership on this is excellent.  Having worked both in aerospace as well as technology we know improvements are needed.  You are clearly drawing attention and making the key points to building a culture that will combat sexual harassment.

I would add that this is not just a gender issue.  The reality is that an environment where "respect" for individuals builds the right professional environment conducive to combatting sexual harassment and the risks involved.

In reality, business and the workplace need to foster a professional environment, versus a personal "club".  This results in a much more productive environment that supports the engagement of all employees.  An organization can spend its precious resources on ego or producing value and wealth - the choice is theirs.
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