Huawei Releases WTTx Wireless Fiber Use Cases

Four use cases aim to popularize broadband access and drive forward the development of digital society.

February 27, 2019

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BARCELONA -- At the MWC 2019, Huawei released four latest use cases for wireless fiber: wireless to the home (WTTh), wireless to the enterprise (WTTe), wireless to the building (WTTb), and wireless to the camera (WTTc). These use cases will popularize broadband access and drive forward the development of digital society in the further. Rapid advances in radio technologies over the past few decades have led to the development of wireless fiber. As a result, wireless fiber now offers network capacity and a peak UE rate of more than 1 Gbit/s. Wireless fiber has many benefits, such as rapid deployment, fiber-like experience, full-service capability, on-demand, flexible rate improvement, and sustainable 5G-oriented evolution.

  • WTTh

    4G LTE radio technologies are used to provide home broadband (HBB) services. As LTE evolves, wireless fiber can be used to provide broadband access with high capacity and guaranteed user-perceived throughput. This significantly reduces the cost per GB and creates many opportunities for operators to offer HBB triple play services (data, voice, and video services).

    An increasing number of mobile operators are using wireless fiber to launch new fixed mobile convergence (FMC) services, bind individual and family packages, improve user loyalty, and, in so doing, quickly increase revenue.

    • WTTe

      Wireless fiber technologies, such as large spectrum, massive MIMO, and high-performance outdoor customer premises equipment (CPE), provide stable broadband access at guaranteed rates, meeting the broadband service requirements of both small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and branches of larger corporations, for example, mobile offices, virtual private networks, and link redundancy backups.

      Operators can deploy the ODU+X solution (connecting enterprise devices (X), such as routers, to ODUs) to offer stable fiber-like experience and flexible, scalable enterprise services for SMEs.

    • WTTb

      Broadband boosts economic growth and the development of digital society. How to boost developing countries' broadband penetration rate and improve digital connections in these countries to meet ordinary families' demand for affordable broadband services is an important consideration for operators.

      Wireless fiber allows operators to provide affordable broadband access services for ordinary families and aggregate building traffic to a switch or a router connected to the ODU of an outdoor CPE (ODU+X). Multiple households can share one CPE broadband package to lower the broadband access cost per household.

      Mobile operators can collaborate with local Internet service providers (ISPs) to quickly develop WTTb services, for example, wholesaling high-rate, high-traffic packages to ISPs. ISPs can leverage wireless fiber's flexibility to attract more building users and sell throughput and traffic to end users.

    • WTTc

      Some operators in Europe and Asia Pacific are considering implementing radio technologies in areas where wired access is difficult to deploy and satellite access is expensive, such as remote mines, oil fields, marine fishery sites, and temporary construction sites. This helps them deploy remote cameras for video backhaul to meet service requirements in specific scenarios. In particular, WTTc, which can be deployed using outdoor CPEs, features superior coverage and can be used for image and video backhaul.

      As of the second half of 2018, more than 230 operators in over 120 countries were offering WTTx services to 75 million users around the world. Wireless fiber is a 4.5G- or 5G-based enhanced WTTx solution that leverages large bandwidth (over 40 MHz), massive MIMO multiple-antenna technology, and high-performance CPEs to provide fiber-like experience. Wireless fiber has been deployed by more than 10 operators around the world.

      Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

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