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TEL AVIV, Israel -- Telco Systems has introduced two new hub blades that deliver unparalleled Ethernet connectivity to AdvancedTCA platforms. Telco Systems’ T-Hub1 and T-Hub2 blades offer high-bandwidth multi-layer networking, with separate base and fabric Interface switching for enhanced security. Powered by Telco Systems’ field-proven, carrier-grade BiNOS™ networking OS, these ATCA solutions enable partners to focus on application development and integration and reduce time-to-market.

Compliant with PICMG 3.0/3.1, the blades deliver the highest packet processing capability to provide the building blocks that enable telecommunications equipment manufacturers to deliver advanced applications such as IMS, media gateways and call servers. The T-Hub blades provide full separation between base and fabric interfaces, supporting 1GigE and/or 10GigE or multi-rate ports. These modules provide flexible fabric interface connections, with Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel to all 23” ATCA chassis slots. 10GE Ethernet uplinks and multiple Fiber Channel front interfaces provide traffic aggregation.

Advanced management and high availability are supported through BiNOS™, the Company’s extensive, field-proven networking software suite. BiNOS networking software delivers state of the art connectivity, including switching, IPv4/IPv6 routing, MPLS, QoS, advanced security, VPN switching and routing, and ring-attached resiliency with sub 50ms protection, while delivering wire speed Layer 2-4 networking. This unique combination of hardware and software creates a truly 'ready-to-deploy' networking solution that allows faster integration with superior traffic control and security.

"This innovative ATCA solution positions the company as one of the leading providers of comprehensive AdvancedTCA platforms found in the market today,” said Dr. Zvi Marom CEO of Telco Systems. “We have been very successful in providing AdvancedTCA –based products to telecommunications equipment manufacturers enabling a straightforward integration into wider scale platforms. We look forward to serving the various needs of existing and new partners in the communications, enterprise, medical and military markets.”

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