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CP-TA Picks ESO ATCA Tester

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- The Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA) today announced that it has selected ESO Technologies’ ATCA™-Tester as the IPMI Manageability Test Tool for the CP-TA certification test suite. CP-TA members are currently defining interoperability test requirements and procedures for PICMG’s AdvancedTCA specification, aligned to the SCOPE Alliance AdvancedTCA profile.

“Currently, CP-TA is focused on addressing the top interoperability issues of thermal, manageability and data transport, and we see the ATCA-Tester is an integral part of our solution,” said Shlomo Pri-Tal, CP-TA Chairman. “We selected ATCA-Tester because it meets the requirements for CP-TA manageability certification laid out in our forthcoming Interoperability Compliance Document and Test Procedure Manual. We will continue to evaluate additional tools to address future requirements.”

ATCA-Tester is an automated software tool used to test AdvancedTCA® and AdvancedMC™ equipment compatibility with respect to PICMG 3.0 and AMC.0 specifications system management requirements. It can be used to test single building blocks or simultaneously all building blocks in an integrated system.

“ESO is committed to enhancing ATCA-Tester to keep pace with future updates to the CP-TA interoperability requirements and test procedures,” said Robert Pelissier, Co-founder VP Sales & Marketing, ESO Technologies. “Our tool validates compliance with IPMI management specifications, increasing confidence in interoperability.”

Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA)

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