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Altair Offers LTE Radio Chip

HOD HASHARON, Israel -- Altair Semiconductor, a 4G chip company developing the world's most advanced mobile semiconductors for handheld devices, recently announced the immediate availability of its LTE RF transceiver, the FourGee-6150.

The FourGee-6150 is an LTE-TDD RF transceiver which, in addition to LTE, also complements Altair's baseband processors for mobile WiMAX and XGP, offering a complete, turn-key 4G solution to handheld devices makers across the industry. Built with cost effective CMOS process technology and based on a single conversion architecture, the FourGee-6150 delivers state of the art radio performance, ultra-low power consumption and minimal external component count.

"Having an RF transceiver developed in-house is one of the cornerstones of Altair's strategy for LTE," said Oded Melamed, Co-Founder and CEO of Altair Semiconductor. "The FourGee-6150 is optimized to interface with all of Altair's 4G baseband processors, minimizing power consumption and solution cost. We view this as being a strong competitive advantage for Altair over companies only developing baseband processors."

Altair Semiconductor

jacky_erj 12/5/2012 | 3:51:24 PM
re: Altair Offers LTE Radio Chip

interesting. it reminds me of a walkie talkie radio chip.


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