QOS Networks CEO brings AIOps to Zayo Group

Former CEO of QOS Networks Frank Cittadino, now SVP of edge services for Zayo Group, joins the podcast to discuss why Zayo acquired managed service provider QOS Networks. In addition, Cittadino explains Zayo's edge and multi-cloud strategies and the difference between network monitoring and network observability. Cittadino also describes the five key components of artificial intelligence (AI) and shares why Zayo has its sights set on more software acquisitions in the future.

You can download an unedited transcript of the podcast here. If you want to skip around and listen, here are a few more things covered in this interview:

  • Background on Zayo Group's acquisition of QOS Networks (00:27)
  • Zayo's approach to AI in the network (01:43)
  • QOS Networks' AIOps service and what it means for IT operations (03:45)
  • Shift from network monitoring to network observability (06:31)
  • Zayo's shift from fiber provider to addressing more of the software layer (07:43)
  • Zayo's edge and multi-cloud strategies (10:38)
  • SD-WAN versus MPLS in addressing network visibility (18:05)
  • Defining AI and its five key components (21:12)

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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