5G World: The 5G icon is starting to mean something

New, improved 5G radios and other products are starting to make a difference in service provider deployments, according to Gabriel Brown, Heavy Reading principal analyst covering mobile network infrastructure and technologies.

Brown cited the second-generation of 5G networking products and the move to use more 5G spectrum in the mid and lower spectrum bands as reasons that 5G service is improving, both in speeds and coverage, compared to the first weeks of 5G rollouts in Europe.

"Clearly, these new products are a lot better," Brown said. "So now as operators invest, they're getting a much more kind of material, capable, massive MIMO product for mid band. So that's going to give them more confidence and it's going to be kind of steady build out."

That steady buildout and improvement is starting to show up for consumers. "I would say, if you get a 5G icon, in general, you're going to get a very good service," Brown said.

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