Yuval Ofek Joins GiantLoop

WALTHAM, Mass. -- GiantLoop Network, Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Optical Networking services, today announced that Yuval Ofek has joined the company as executive vice president and chief technology officer. In his new role, Ofek is responsible for GiantLoop's core network engineering, interoperability testing, software development, and Operational Support System (OSS).

"Yuval's leadership, experience, and proven ability to innovate is a great addition to the GiantLoop management team," said Mark B. Ward, president and CEO of GiantLoop. "Today's business demands the deployment of next generation networks and management platforms to cut costs and increase decision making capabilities. Yuval is responsible for developing and delivering the business-enabling solutions that bring forth these benefits through the merging information storage and networking technologies."

irish_heart 12/4/2012 | 8:39:14 PM
re: Yuval Ofek Joins GiantLoop hmmmmmm.... trying to think of why I should care..
can't think of a reason actually.
IYB4000 12/4/2012 | 8:35:00 PM
re: Yuval Ofek Joins GiantLoop I thought they already had a CTO? What happened to him?
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