What's My Name?

8:00 AM -- Several of the recent conference calls I've been on have added a strange new twist to the already irksome login procedure. After the pointless part where I get asked to say my name, the system actually plays it back and asks me to confirm that "Dan Jones" is really my name!

What genius thought up this new wrinkle I wonder? I know it's a trivial thing, but I need to be on and off these calls quickly. I don't want to waste time entering multiple pins and double-checking my own name.

Also, the sheer futility of it winds me up. Who says their own name wrong? Even if you did, would you take the time to correct it?

In fact I might start deliberately giving the machine the wrong name, just to break the tedium. Do you think anyone would even notice? — Frederick Arbuthnot, Site Editor, Unstrung

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:32:55 AM
re: What's My Name? That's pretty funny.

I usually don't bother to say a name on these conference calls, I just hit the pound key. Can't wait for the time when I'm asked to verify that.

Back before earnings calls were on the Web, you had to dial in via phone, and an operator would take your name and company affiliation. I'd get tired of having to spell my last name, and usually my first name too, AND explaining three or four times that "EE Times" was my company (which it was, back then) .... I started just saying "Ed Smith" and a random 3-letter acronym instead. It saved only seconds of my time but did wonders for my temperament.
RBMartin 12/5/2012 | 3:32:50 AM
re: What's My Name? I think the real notable thing about this post is that not only did you read 'The Enchanted April,' (or see the '92 film version), Dan, but you actually remember the characters' names.

What a polymath you are.
lrmobile_millomar 12/5/2012 | 3:32:48 AM
re: What's My Name? It was Frederick Arbuthnot.
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