Foxtel picks CommScope for new 'iQ5' streaming device

HICKORY, N.C. – The day has come when service providers can deploy a set top solution to provide live, streaming and on demand content to their subscribers that can be set up in minutes and without the need of a cable.

Foxtel, Australia's leading, next-generation subscription television company, understands that the viewing habits of subscribers are evolving to support a streaming led future. That's why CommScope, a global leader in home networking solutions, was selected once again by Foxtel to provide their subscribers with the new iQ5 streaming set top box solution.

Foxtel subscribers can experience an unrivalled entertainment experience through the iQ5set top box that boasts a simple plug and play set-up, allowing customers to be streaming over 50,000 hours of content within minutes, with no cable or satellite installation required. This innovative product solution can be deployed in a subscriber's home using Wi-Fi, satellite, or a fully integrated hybrid experience. The compact and sleek device allows subscribers to view content in 4K Ultra High Definition on the big screen with a brand-new ultra-fast chip.

The iQ5 features a stacked design with a detachable 1TB hard drive so subscribers can record their favorite shows and software enhancements including greater personalization and easier navigation will elevate the user experience. Through the iQ5, viewers can unlock even more streaming apps than ever before from Foxtel including Netflix, YouTube, ABC iView, SBS On Demand, Amazon Prime, Vevo and coming soon to the Foxtel platform, Paramount+ and 10Play.

By partnering with CommScope's Professional Services organization, Foxtel was provided with a fully managed service to design, develop, and deploy their flagship set top box software for iQ5. The launch of iQ5 was a true collaboration between the two companies – from inception to launch – and provides the same viewing experience one might have using satellite or IP on a more flexible hardware platform.

CommScope and Foxtel's home networking partnership began in 2004 and expanded with the launch of the iQ2 set top in 2008. Then, with the launch of the iQ3 set top in 2015, it marked the first time CommScope introduced the Elements platform software giving Foxtel subscribers improved personalization, easier navigation and recommendations based on their viewing preferences and history. The Elements platform continued to play an important role in the set top's evolution with the launch of iQ4 in 2018 and the iQ5 today.

The award-winning iQ5 device is currently available to new and existing Foxtel subscribers.

Read the full announcement here.


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