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SlideshowWhat If Disney & Comcast Split for Fox?

danielcawrey 12/9/2017 | 10:25:07 PM
Valuable These Fox assets sound quite valuable. Problem is, why are they selling to the competition? The smart thing to do would be to better optimize those assets for Fox. And continue to develop content. 

The demand for content is not going to abate. Fox selling content to rivals doesn't make a lot of sense to me. 
bosco_pcs 12/14/2017 | 12:50:18 PM
Re: Valuable Yes and no. Content is king but FOX content could go the way of Viacom with perpetual discount to the latter's brother CBS. 

There is a reason Sony allowed Disney to produce the most recent Spiderman. Disney could make a minor hit in the Marvel Universe Guardian of the Galaxy into a franchise but X-Men is fast running out of gas. 

Fox shares Hulu with Disney but a lot of contents come from the latter. 

Financially, Fox is getting a 25% of Disney while Murdoch retains control of the financial and broadcasting properties. They are both cashflow generator and a huge megaphone.

Finally, it could also be a matter of estate planning. What to do with the two brothers, Lachlan and James? The older is minding the family properties and the younger is auditioning at Disney.

It is a great deal Murdoch cannot refuse. 
Phil_Britt 12/26/2017 | 4:46:16 PM
Re: Valuable Though content is king, growing content is the emperor. Fox apparently thought selling its content better in the long run than getting into a content war with Disney and others.
kq4ym 12/28/2017 | 9:14:47 AM
Re: Valuable It does seem that indeed the "emperor" is gwowing huge through acquisitions and Disney/Fox is a good illustration of that. While Fox will still have the news programming, the entertainment sections will once again move to where companies can clearly grab almost a monopolistic control of huge segments.
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