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Google Cardboard viewer
Google Cardboard viewer

nasimson 11/8/2015 | 10:44:36 PM
Looks funny I've tried Google VR recommended by an exColleague working in Google. It was awesome. But to any second person looking at me it was surely looking funny. So I am not sure if I would be using it in office or outdoors.
wanlord 11/7/2015 | 11:39:11 AM
Re: Buy dramamine stock! I think the nausea problem may depend on the application and experience, and vary by person. I personally have used Oculus Rift for 30+ mins and experienced nothing. They have come along way and will solve these problems.
mhhf1ve 11/6/2015 | 2:06:51 PM
Re: Buy dramamine stock! The NYT seems like a weird starting point for VR? What kind of VR content does the NYT have that will be compelling? 

KBode 11/6/2015 | 10:31:54 AM
Re: Buy dramamine stock! I thought that was pretty clever myself.

There's about a million $10-$20 options on Amazon that look promising, I should probably give one of them a whirl. Very eager to see if I can grab a Vive later in the year, though (assuming that's even going to be possible, which I doubt).
msilbey 11/6/2015 | 10:22:42 AM
Re: Buy dramamine stock! Lucky for me it looks like we'll be getting a Cardboard viewer with the Sunday NYT paper. Yes, my house still gets the paper. Though more often than not recently someone's been tossing it up out of reach on our porch roof. Funny the first couple of times...
KBode 11/6/2015 | 10:15:51 AM
Re: Buy dramamine stock! I have the same problem, but plan to jump in with both feet initially anyway. Take a few dramamine. Hopefully most developers have conquered the problem.

Been meaning to try out cardboard until the release of the Vive and Occulus, but it seems kind of like a gimmick and there's about fifty headsets to choose from, all with very different build quality.
mhhf1ve 11/5/2015 | 8:47:27 PM
Buy dramamine stock! Solving the "nausea problem" for VR is still out there... so I'm not sure how big VR can get without a non-lagging and non-sickening version that actually works.

I'm optimistic that VR will become a common tool, but I still get really seasick just watching regular FPS games.
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