Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001

Today, Light Reading editors named the Top Ten investment opportunities for 2001, launching the Top Ten Optical Stock list. The list will join the Top Ten Private Companies list on the Light Trading site.

Light Reading editors have employed the team’s unique analysis of company leadership, technology strategy, and financial information to pick some winning players for the New Year. This list names the Top Ten Stocks likely to bring rewards in 2001.

The list contains leading optical components, systems, and contract manufacturing companies -- with an emphasis on components. In 2001, Light Reading believes the financial markets will focus on optical components players, which will deliver fundamental technological innovation that will lower the cost of bandwidth and drive broadband applications and services. Because there are fewer optical components companies than systems companies in the public market, they're more likely to benefit from the strong demand for optical technology, still in its infancy.

The list will most likely be reviewed after six months, when Light Reading editors will decide whether any pruning needs to be done.

-- R. Scott Raynovich, executive editor, Light Reading http://www.lightreading.com
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Rugger 12/4/2012 | 9:01:08 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 What about CORV????? At it's current low valuation, this one is ready for a huge pop.
jtmrvc 12/4/2012 | 9:01:08 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 You have cotinously overlooked MRV and its subsidaries. I personally think that Zaffire and Charlotte's Web should have been in the top ten private companies and MRV should have definatley been one of the ten optical plays in 2001. They are poised to benefit in all the exploding phases of the optical world. Routers, passive and active components, Free-space optics, Ten gig ethernets, just to name a few of there areas of expertise.
mike38 12/4/2012 | 9:01:07 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 ONIS should definately be on your list ..

i haven't got a clue why your page gives them no respect ...

i have a number of ONIS employees as clients of mine, and i can tell you
this is gonna be one strong company ...

definately think this page should give them the respect they deserve,


Backflush 12/4/2012 | 9:01:07 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 CORV undervalued ???? What is your justification. CORV, by no means can be considered a good value.
Rugger 12/4/2012 | 9:01:05 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 Sorry - I didn't mean undervalued. I meant that the stock price is pretty low. I believe the price will climb throughout the year.
rutschgefahr 12/4/2012 | 9:01:04 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 EOM
KathrineHarris 12/4/2012 | 9:01:04 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 I expect a 3 bagger.
jtmrvc 12/4/2012 | 9:00:56 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 If you are suggesting LMNE why don't you buy MRVC you get LMNE and Zaffire, Zuma, Optical Access, Charlotte's WEb Networks, All optical, Optical Crossing, Itouch and Nbase for free. The stock is trading as Luminent is there only holding.
Scott Raynovich 12/4/2012 | 9:00:55 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 Mike38 (or was it 39?)

RE: ONIS, we certainly considered them. We need to visit them and learn more. We also need a couple more quarters in order to properly guage their growth--they're very young, and the lockup just expired.
icepic 12/4/2012 | 9:00:53 PM
re: Top Ten Optical Stocks for 2001 this is only the beginning for IOMT. For you newbies to IOMT, here's some dd to get you going!

Here's an article written back on Sept. 3rd where IOMT was mentioned with ciena and other fiber optic companies.


Another note: the President of Isomet is over 70 years of age, it isn't far fetched that IOMT could be sold just like ETEK! Only some investors know who Isomet is, and when they find out, need I say anymore? If you go back to their stockholder press release, Dec. 4th, 2000


you'll see stated there they are doubling their manufacturing facility to handle more orders which by the way were also posted by prnews. Isomet is also the only company in the US currently who is growing those birefringent liquid crystals that is needed to power fiber optics. *no light no fiberoptics. Here are the technical terms for these crystals.

Lead Molybdate (PbMoO4), Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2), and Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3).

I believe the important ones are LiNb03. So far every quarter Isomet has more than doubled their qtr's from last year and look for their next earnings to be even better. I would assume that their added production should be ready to run after the first of the year. Also they are attending for the first time the fiber optics conference in March. OFC 2001 (Optical Fiber Conference) Anaheim, CA March 19-21 2001 Booth 3810. Also who do you think has been scarfing up on all their shares as normal investers get scared away, THEIR CUSTOMERS! As of friday, IOMT is getting the attention of fund managers. IMO by the end of March alot of more people and fund managers will know who Isomet is and there for, stockholders will be rewarded heavily. Also two more important notes, most fiber optic companies have lost more than 2/3's of their (CIEN CORV JDSU etc.) stock prices since March, IOMT has not. IOMT is also profitable, most are not. Most fiber optic companies are trading 2 to 3 hundred times their earnings, IOMT is not. Isomets PE is a mere 20, not bad. IMO IOMT will expode BY March. investors still have time to get on board and there is a lot of great dd out there if you look!! Good luck and Happy Trading!!!

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