Time Warner Turns On Digital Simulcast

Time Warner Cable announced its Raleigh, NC division is its first with a full market launch of digital simulcast service. The MSO's Raleigh system is now digitally simulating its entire analog channel lineup, enabling it to offer an 'all digital' video service to subscribers. Time Warner Cable expects to complete its digital simulcast rollout in half of its 31 divisions by the end of the year. There are several drivers for MSO digital simulcast deployments. First, if implemented well, it delivers higher quality video and audio to cable TV subscribers, particularly for those with large-screen digital TVs. MSOs like Time Warner are eager to keep this customer segment happy as they spend heavily on video services. Cable operators cannot afford to have these high-value customers switch to competing all-digital satellite TV services. Additionally, MSOs see digital simulcast as a way to reduce set-top box costs. All-digital services can utilize digital-only set-top boxes that do not require expensive analog circuitry.
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