Tahoe's VP Roundabout

The revolving door keeps turning at wireless router startup Tahoe Networks: The company has confirmed that Tony Miranzadeh, senior vice president of worldwide field operations, has left – the latest in a series of management changes.

"Tony left to persue personal opportunities – he's going to start his own venture," said Ed Chang, VP of product marketing and management at the San Jose, Calif.-based company. He had no more information on Miranzadeh's new gig.

Miranzadeh will be replaced by Richard Sequerth, formerly VP of sales at edge router startup Crescent Networks, which closed up shop in January of this year (see Headcount: Time to Punt?). Before that, Sequerth had stints at AirFiber and IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM). The new hire will be officially announced next week, according to Chang.

There have recently been a couple of changes at the top at Tahoe, which is competing with a number of startups and incumbents to sell equipment that enables data services for cellular users (see What's the Wireless Router Market Worth? for a general overview of the market). In June 2002, the company's president, Arthur Lin, took over from Tahoe's original CEO, Anthony Alles. In turn, Lin was replaced last December by board member Dennis Barsema (see Nouveau CEO for Tahoe?).

At the time, sources told Unstrung that Barsema's appointment was a requirement for the company to make its next round of funding. However, Chang was today unable to comment on questions about funding.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

Guglielmo 12/4/2012 | 11:56:30 PM
re: Tahoe's VP Roundabout Several reports of layoffs down to a skeleton crew. No more product development, just offering to sell intellectual property. Resumes on the street. First Cambia, now Tahoe, what mobile router startup will implode next?
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