Startup Acacia Makes a 100G Splash

Startup Acacia Communications Inc. might have grabbed 10 percent of the 100Gbit/s market. Acacia proclaimed Thursday that 1,000 of its AC100s, which are coherent 100Gbit/s transponder modules, "are in use," as the press release put it. Assuming that means "in use in networks" -- as opposed to in labs, in kitchens or in paperweight capacities -- "that would put them at about, I would say, at least 10 percent of the market," says Sterling Perrin, an analyst with Heavy Reading. Let's put some qualifiers on that: We're talking about the market for coherent 100Gbit/s modules -- the line side, that is, as opposed to client-side interfaces that would go on things like routers. And it's just a guess; Perrin hadn't had a chance to vet Acacia's numbers. Still, even if 1,000 is a highball estimate, it would seem Acacia has sprung itself onto the optical networking market with some force. Half of those deployments came in the last five months, Acacia's release says. Why this matters
The first wave of coherent 100Gbit/s technology was all done in-house, as merchant components and modules weren't available yet. Apparently the next wave, using those off-the-shelf devices, is already well underway. So, which vendors are deploying Acacia? Maybe we'll find out during the course of OFC/NFOEC next week. For more — Craig Matsumoto, Managing Editor, Light Reading
chuckj 3/18/2013 | 4:28:24 AM
re: Startup Acacia Makes a 100G Splash Forgive me for being highly skeptical of anything these Telco's tell their suppliers about their demand, is 1000, 10% of the total 100G coherent devices ever deployed, or is 1000, 10% of total addressable market for coherent 100G devices per year (TAM)?
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