Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win

Sources close to Mahi Networks Inc. say the company is preparing to make two key announcements on Monday June 14.

The first: Mahi has sold some gear to MCI Inc. (Nasdaq: WCOEQ, MCWEQ) and has live traffic running on its box.

The second: Mahi is acquiring the assets of Photuris, the allegedly extinct vendor that built multiservice transport platforms (MSTPs) from scratch with integrated ROADM-based optical transport and full Sonet ADMs on a card.

One facet of that acquisition might be that Mahi itself is getting more funding from its investors, according to one source. It's not clear how much funding Mahi is raising nor whether the financing includes any new investors.

In the MCI deal, two sources close to Mahi and a third source -- a vendor with knowledge of MCI's purchasing decisions -- concur that Mahi has sold some gear to MCI, though the extent of the deployment is not yet known. The first deployment of Mahi's equipment in MCI's network, the one carrying live traffic, is thought to be in Chicago.

Sometime last year, sources say, MCI began working on a project to acquire an optical switch for their core transport network, known internally as "The Humpty DACS." That RFP asked for a switch that can manage 48,000 STS-1s (1,024 OC48 ports) and has multiprotocol support, a feature that Mahi claims.

WorldCom, MCI's former self, was an investor in Mahi.

The Photuris assets are another kettle of fish. The Metro DWDM vendor's remains have been subject to speculation following the company's apparent closure in March (see Photuris Is Finished, Photuris & SBC: The Inside Story, and Who Will Buy Photuris Remains?).

As ever, specifics are sketchy on the details of the deal. But several former Photuris employees have contacted Light Reading to say that the company has restarted, with the intent of selling its technology and moving some key employees. This suggestion appears to be confirmed by the absence of any court records of Photuris filing for bankuptcy, as might have been expected if the company were shutting down.

One thing is for sure: Multiple sources have verified that Photuris employees and contractors began working away in Photuris's Piscataway, N.J., offices not long after the company was reported closed.

One source close to the situation says that former Photuris employees who are now doing contract work for the company are receiving employment offers from Mahi.

Several former Photuris engineers, when contacted by Light Reading on Friday, said they were under strict instructions not to talk and referred calls to the company's chief operating officer, Bill Gartner. Gartner didn't return calls or emails from Light Reading.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

Dr,Q 12/5/2012 | 1:38:09 AM
re: Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win . . . at least for a few Photuris folks.
Light-bulb 12/5/2012 | 1:38:07 AM
re: Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win Careful... I know at least one executive that left Tellabs to join Mahi. In my opinion He is an Absolute Snake in the Grass. Investors you'd best be cautious! Now what was his name... Rick rick something...
I believe he has not a care in the world on using company money for his own fullfillment of lust.

Watch him...
Edward Van Halen 12/5/2012 | 1:38:05 AM
re: Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win If Mahi:

a) Has a product that works as advertised.
b) Has a product that MCI has approved and is deploying.
c) Has the backing of investors to throw in more $$$ if needed.

Then has "Runnin' From the Devil" finally stopped blaring from their office PA system? Given the above, why would Mahi not rock right into the Light Reading Top 10? Given this validation, where is their stiffest real competion going to come from? They appear to no longer be just competing with themselves. Are we "Right Here, Right Now", or just on another barge to "Panama"?
Ringed? 12/5/2012 | 1:38:01 AM
re: Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win How-a-bout this.....

Come on baby finish what you started... That ain't no way to treat the broken hearted... I'm incomplete!

You know the rest of the story.

I don't doubt Mahi has test units in MCI. But, to have a signed P.O. to me is a stretch. Does anyone not think this is just test traffic or a couple STS's off a linear OC-48. Besides we are most likely talking a 3/3 switch matrix and not a VT1.5 cross-connect. Also I doubt Mahi is sitting as a network element on a legacy UPSR ring but I could be wrong. Humor us and tell us they can terminate mulit-vendor BLSR rings.

It would be nice to see them suceed but that would require all RBOC's and the biggest Tier2 companies to purchase a Mahi DCS. Probable yes. Likely no.

optical 12/5/2012 | 1:37:58 AM
re: Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win Anyone know just how much business is there for Mahi at MCI? Wonder if Mahi was selected for niche deployment or overall network?

Either way, a PO from a major carrier for a start up is good news for all!
Truelight1 12/5/2012 | 1:37:53 AM
re: Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win Way to come thro Mahi - well done
Edward Van Halen 12/5/2012 | 1:37:45 AM
re: Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win Hah, hah, the rest of the story!

I heard with good authority a year ago that Mahi was pursuing VT1.5 / DS1 trib connectivity / switching in their box with high urgency. I think they figured out that that was a big potential weakness in their cost / value equation. I am guessing that this a a secret weapon they have now taped to their back. I do agree though, show me multi-vendor BLSR termination and I will show you a company that just found the Arc of the Covenant.

The real key question is: what big carrier would widely deploy such a huge piece of core iron if they thought there was any probability of the company not making it. The bubble days are over, brass tack days are here:

And when some local kid gets down
They try an' drum him outta town
They say, "Ya coulda least faked it, boy"
Fake it, boy (Ooh, stranger, boy)
At an early age he hits the street
Winds up tired with who he meets
An' he's unemployed (Unemployed?) Ow!

And the cradle will rock. Ow!
And the cradle, the cradle will rock
An' I say rock on. Oh, say, rock on

Rock on, Mahi!

5514DD 12/5/2012 | 1:35:43 AM
re: Sources: Mahi Moves Include MCI Win It's funny, I checked the Mahi website and didn't see anyone named Rick or from Tellabs. Light-bulb, are you sure you are thinking of the right company?
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