Shamed by His Poor Grammar

5:00 PM -- We get some choice emails here at Light Reading, but this one really deserves some sort of prize. (Names have been thinly disguised to protect the hardly innocent.)

Name: Colin O*e*t*n
Title: MD
Organization: K*i*h* O*t*c*l (UK) Ltd
Phone: 01634 ******
Email: **********

God mooring How do we get a listing on the lightreading website please. Also could you do a feature on our company? regards Colin

And god mooring to you too, Coolon.

Let's just hope "MD" doesn't stand for "medical doctor."

— Red Panda, Last Bastion of Email Etiquette, Light Reading

Michael Poole 12/5/2012 | 3:02:07 AM
re: Shamed by His Poor Grammar Come, come, it's just that the poor guy is still, like most of the British population, struggling with the aftereffects of the gendarme on "'Allo! 'Allo!". He's a downed RAF type, see, and the locals are passing him off as a gendarme to fool the Germans. Of course his French is lousy, and to indicate this in English, the BBC has him coming out with prize utterances such as "god mowning!", which you will still hear around the place - even in New Zealand.

I suspect he's actually modelled on my Headmaster, who had to pass himself off as French when the Germans came in while he was trying to persuade the owner of the munitions factory to get all his French staff out before the Resistance blew it up (which they duly did). He got away with it because, as a French exchange student told us many years after the fact: "Your Headmaster, his accent is terrible, but he speaks French like a Frenchman".

So there!

Never mind - "Red Panda" remains an absolute "must-read".

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