PTCI increases revenue 25 percent with Calix Marketing Cloud

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (PTCI) is leveraging Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud) to create highly effective, targeted marketing campaigns that lead to better experiences for their subscribers. PTCI uses Calix end-to-end platforms—Intelligent Access EDGE™, Revenue EDGE™, and Calix Cloud®—as the foundation for its Ultimate WiFi Experience. This enables the broadband service provider (BSP) to harness data and analytics on their network and subscribers from Calix Cloud to better understand the technology preferences of their subscribers in the panhandle of Oklahoma.

Pairing that knowledge with visibility into the subscriber experience from Calix Support Cloud, PTCI launched an experience upgrade campaign at the end of 2021. The campaign aimed to ensure subscribers were on the best service plans to accommodate their needs. At first, marketing efforts primarily targeted subscribers on Facebook and email channels. However, PTCI marketers identified that many of their senior subscribers had increased internet usage and were now hitting the ceiling of old service plans. Following these insights, the PTCI marketing team adjusted their campaign outreach to a more subscriber-centric approach. Backed with insights on their senior subscribers' communication preferences, the PTCI marketing team added outbound calling to their experience upgrade campaign strategy. The campaign's success in reaching more subscribers to discuss new service plans vastly improved their experiences. In the first two days of adding outbound calling, 57 percent of targeted subscribers upgraded their plans. One month later, the average revenue per user (ARPU) for PTCI target subscribers increased 25 percent.

Regardless of what communications channel subscribers prefer, Marketing Cloud can help BSP marketing teams of all sizes tailor their marketing campaigns to meet their subscribers where they are. To engage with avid gaming subscribers, PTCI used Marketing Cloud to launch a campaign that built excitement and generated attendance for their first Gigaverse eSports Tournament, held in October in Guymon, Oklahoma. The integration between Marketing Cloud and Mailchimp made marketing outreach easy and cost-effective. As a result, the campaign drove tournament participation thanks to an average email open rate of 49 percent—more than twice the telecommunications industry average. In the end, PTCI secured the participation of 32 teams against a goal of 10, contributing to a successful tournament that will become an annual community event.

In October, during the company's annual innovations and customer success conference, Calix ConneXions 2022, Calix launched Marketing Cloud Plus to help BSPs further accelerate subscriber acquisition and growth initiatives. Marketing Cloud Plus, which extends the power of Marketing Cloud, is the industry's only subscriber engagement solution that enables BSPs to enrich their subscriber experience insights with powerful demographic, psychographic, and geographic data.

To provide even greater value for subscribers, PTCI recently launched their personalized version of the Calix CommandIQ®mobile app and two Revenue EDGE managed services—ProtectIQ® (home network security) and ExperienceIQ® (advanced network controls). By following their experience upgrade plan with new managed services, PTCI continues their focus on exceptional subscriber experiences that grow revenue.

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